What are the Living Learning Communities? (LLCs)

When academics or personal interests intersect with the living environment, students grow and learning is enhanced. Lake Superior State University offers a variety of residential living-learning communities that allow students with similar academic interests or career goals to live and study together in community.

At LSSU Living-Learning Communities are housed in the Row Houses and provide a smaller, more intimate environment for the exploration of a specific field of study. By thinking, studying, living and learning with others who share and understand their aspirations, students can maximize both their academic and personal experiences at LSSU. Each of the programs are associated with an academic department or organization. Every LLC also has a faculty or staff member dedicated to making the program stimulating and fun.

What are LLCs?

Living areas specialized for students with similar academic interests.  As a member of a LLC, you’ll have the chance to get to know your instructors and develop strong friendships with fellow students who share similar academic interests and career goals.

Each LLC has a full kitchen, laundry room, dining area and a large common area, as well as a library/study room.


Students in Living Learning Communities get to know professors better and develop strong friendships with other students. Living Learning Communities also provide students with connections between what is being learned in a formal classroom and daily life.  LLCs also have connections to professional organizations and societies off campus.  For example, Chippewa Hall is connected to the Engineering Society of Detroit.

Living Learning Communities have been shown to increase student retention and academic achievement, increase student involvement and motivation, improve time for degree completion, and enhance intellectual development. Students also become more intellectually mature and responsible for their own learning and develop the capacity to care about the learning of their peers.


To be eligible to apply, the student must be in one of the appropriate majors or club affiliation and have a preferred GPA of a 3.5 (if entering from high school) or a 3.2 (if a transfer student).  Please note that some Living Learning Communities do require an interview as part of the application.  The advisor will contact you to set up your interview.

How to Apply?

To apply to live in one of Living Learning Communities, you will need to do the following:

  1. Review the Living Learning Program options Section I of the LLC Application or LLC webpage to find your community of choice.
  2. Obtain admission to Lake Superior State University.
  3. Submit the Housing Application.
  4. Pay the first room and board payment of $200 plus the $150 housing damage deposit.
  5. Complete and submit the Living Learning Program Application.
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House Head within the Learning Communities

Want to take on more leadership within the Learning Communities? Check out the House Head position! Positions offered in May.