Emotional Support Animals

An Emotional Support Animal is a pet that has been prescribed by a licensed therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist as part of a treatment program. Therapists prescribing an Emotional Assistance Animal must have extensive knowledge of research supporting the use of the Emotional Assistance Animal and utilize the Emotional Assistance Animal as a treatment modality. Before receiving documentation for the recommendation of an Emotional Assistance Animal, a student must be engaged in on-going therapy with a mental health provider and the Emotional Assistance Animal must be identified as an essential treatment for the student’s diagnosed emotional or psychiatric disability. Most students will not meet all of these criteria.

The University Health Services (Counseling Center and Health Care Center) staff does not generally provide letters recommending emotional assistance animals.

Lake Superior State University (LSSU) provides reasonable accommodations to University housing residents with a documented disability. This policy governs the use of assistance animals in University housing. Service animals are defined by the University Service Animal Policy and users shall follow that policy. LSSU reserves the right to amend this policy as circumstances require or as the law changes.

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University Housing at Lake Superior State University is dedicated to providing a living and learning environment in which all students feel a sense of belonging. Moreover, University Housing is intent on creating an environment in which members of the University community are well and safe. One way in which campus residents maintain wellness is through the presence of their personal pets.

Lake Superior State University is unique in granting residential students the privilege of having their pets live with them on-campus. With this privilege come responsibilities to the University community in addition to the Pets.

Brady Hall and Osborn Hall are not designated as Pet Friendly Housing and are limited to Emotional Support Animals. Limited exceptions can be made based on the needs of the student and the proposed animal. The community of Brady Hall and Osborn Hall takes priority.

All Pets must be registered and approved prior to residing on campus. Failure to register
the Pet before bringing the Pet to campus will result in an immediate $500 fine.
The registration fee for any animal other than a fish is $500 for the entire academic year. The
registration fee will be charged to the student’s account and is not refundable.
Students are permitted to have their Pets with them on campus during the summer. The
Summer registration fee is $150.

Emotional Support Animal Policy (2022-2023)

If you have an on-campus animal accommodation request, please contact Derric Knight, Director Housing or 906-635-2411.

LSSU reserves the right to make amendments to the policy when needed.

To request special accommodations, in addition to filling out the housing application, it is required that you register with the LSSU Office of Accessibility Services. The coordinator of the Accessibility Services will verify your disability and advise housing staff of appropriate accommodation. Housing staff will facilitate the housing accommodation based on application date and availability. Questions about accessible student housing may be directed to Derric Knight (), Director of Housing.