Graduation Procedures

  • Complete a Graduation Application

    Complete a Graduation Application. If you are planning to graduate with more than one degree, complete a Graduation Application for each degree.  For more information please see Degree Requirements in the academic catalog.

  • Meet with your Advisor

    Meet with your advisor and review your My Degree Plan Degree Audit. After review, ask your advisor to complete and sign their section of your Graduation Application.

    Substitution/Waiver Forms

    If you have courses that are being waived, or you are being allowed substitutions, please also have your advisor complete the appropriate Substitution and Waiver Forms. These forms cannot be processed without the department dean’s signature.

  • Submit the Graduation Paperwork

    Submit the completed and signed Graduation Application(s) and any Substitution/Waiver forms (if applicable) to the Registrar’s Office by the date indicated on the Graduation Application.

  • Receive a Verification of Graduation Paperwork

    The Registrar’s Office will send you an email that your Graduation paperwork was received. Students are responsible for reviewing their My Degree Plan degree audit and requesting clarification of anything that is not consistent with their records or understanding.

  • Change Graduation Information as Needed

    If you need to change your graduation information, e.g. expected graduation semester, remove majors, remove minors, change degree type from Bachelor of Arts to Bachelor of Science, etc., you will need to notify the Registrar’s Office by completing the Request to change Graduation Information form.

  • Commencement Ceremony

    Plan to attend the Commencement Ceremony. You are eligible to attend if you graduated during the previous Fall semester, or if you plan to graduate Spring or Summer Semester. You will be required to purchase a cap, gown, and tassel.

    If you are not attending the ceremony, please complete the Request Not to Attend Commencement Form and return it to the Registrar’s Office.

  • Diplomas

    Diplomas are mailed to the address indicated on the Graduation Application six to eight weeks after the end of the semester.  Additional copies of your diploma may also be ordered by completing a Replacement Diploma Request.