Add/Drop Courses and Withdrawal Information

Adding/Dropping Courses Through Add/Drop Period

Students can add or drop courses online using Anchor Access through the sixth day of the Fall or Spring semester. Students attending during the Summer semester can add or drop courses online through the fourth day of the summer semester.

Students wishing to add courses that are full, or students wishing to add courses without having the necessary prerequisites, must contact the instructor of the course to request permission. If the instructor approves the request, the instructor will complete an Instructor Override for the student. The student must then go online and register for the course.

Courses dropped through the sixth day (fourth day for the Summer semester) will not appear on a student’s academic transcript.

Adding Courses AFTER the Add/Drop Period

Online registration ends on the sixth day of the fall and spring semesters (summer semester online registration ends on the fourth day). Students wishing to add into a course after this date must have the instructor’s permission. Students need to complete a Schedule Adjustment Form, have the instructor sign it giving permission, then process the form at the Registrar’s Office, located in the Fletcher Center for Student Services. Payment of any additional tuition and fees is due at the time the form is processed.

Dropping Courses AFTER the Add/Drop Period

The time period for dropping a course will be approximately equal to one-half of the course instructional period. Students dropping courses will receive an N grade on their academic transcripts. N grades are not counted in the academic GPA. Please check Important Dates for the official drop dates.

Students can drop courses (receiving a grade of N) online. Courses dropped online do Not require the signature of the instructor. Students will receive an email (sent to the My.LSSU email account) for courses dropped online verifying the drop. The instructor of the course and the student’s academic advisor will also receive this email. NOTE: There are no refunds for partial drops.

PLEASE NOTE: When a student drops a course during this time, the student’s Billed credits do not decrease. If a student is registered for 16 credits and drops a three-credit course, the student is still billed for 16 credits. If the student then adds an additional three-credit course, the student will now be billed 19 credits. The student will owe additional money.

16 Registered Credits 16 Billed Credits
-3 Credit Dropped -3 Credit Dropped
13 Registered Credits 16 Billed Credits
+3 New Credit Added +3 New Credit Added
16 Registered Credits 19 Billed Credits

Because 12-16 credits costs the same amount, the student will owe for the three additional credits. To be cost effective, it is important to make course adjustments before the end of the sixth day of the Fall and Spring semester or before the end of the fourth day of the Summer semester.

Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal Policy:

Students dropping all courses within the appropriate time frame for the semester will be considered as withdrawn from Lake Superior State University. Students withdrawing may be eligible to receive a partial tuition refund following the refund schedule, and those with financial aid will be subject to Federal Title IV refund regulations. The last date of attendance in an academically-related activity is required for all courses and may impact a student’s financial aid and refund status.

You must complete the following steps to officially withdraw from the University:

  1. Pick up a Withdrawal Form from the Registrar’s Office, located in the Fletcher Center for Student Services.
  2. Gather the required signatures (shown on the form).  Note:  if you have received federal loans as financial aid, you will be required to complete an exit interview.  You are highly encouraged to discuss your withdrawal with a financial aid officer.  Important additional Financial Aid information is available at **Financial Aid Withdrawal & Refunds**.
  3. Deliver the completed form to the Registrar’s Office and clear any outstanding charges or holds that may prevent your return at a later date or prevent the release of your academic records.  Your withdrawal date will be determined by the date the completed form is submitted to the Registrar’s Office.  Any refunds will be calculated as of that date.  Federal Title IV financial aid refunds will be calculated based on the last day of attendance.

All withdrawals should be done in person. If you are unable to complete the process in person, the Registrar’s Office is the only University authority that can authorize the process by phone. Please contact the Registrar’s Office at 906-635-2682.

There are NO refunds for partial drops after the 6th school day of the fall or spring semester or 4th school day of summer semester.

After your completed Withdrawal Form is accepted, your University charges will be reduced according to the schedule shown.  If you have not received any form of financial aid and there is a credit balance on your account, you will be issued a refund.  If you have received aid, your aid may have to be returned to the appropriate source.  You may owe money to Lake Superior State University.

Late Withdrawal/Tuition Appeal

The Lake Superior State University Add/Drop and Withdrawal Policy provides students the opportunity to drop individual classes or to withdraw from all classes during the first half of the semester. In the event the deadline is missed, students may submit a Request for a Late Withdrawal and/or Tuition Appeal due to extenuating circumstances. Examples include personal health reasons, legal issues, family medical/legal issues, and documented issues of errors by university personnel. Examples of situations not considered extenuating circumstances include, but are not limited to: student dislikes course, teaching method or professor, student considers course too difficult, student has taken on more academic or other obligations than the student can handle, change in major so course no longer needed, financial constraints, any situations of resolved or unresolved academic integrity charges.

Except for documented and exceptional circumstances, late withdrawals/tuition appeals will not be accepted more than one year after the end of the term for which the late withdrawal/tuition appeal was documented. All petitions filed after the one-year deadline must be granted an exception prior to consideration by the Late Withdrawal Committee.

Refund Schedule

There are no refunds for partial drops.

Withdrawal Policy Spring 2024

Withdrawal Policy  Summer 2024