Web Style Guide

Building Strong University Recognition

LSSU’s website, www.lssu.edu, is the primary resource for prospective students, current students and others seeking information about Lake Superior State University. Through the web style guide, we have designed a set of standards and guidelines to ensure LSSU’s web identity is clear, consistent and distinct. All web pages must meet university web standards, in both design and content.

How to use the Web Style Guide

This style guide is for official, university pages. These are pages created by the university, its departments and other administrative offices, whether hosted by a paid, third-party web server or on a university web server. These standards do not apply to personal web pages for individual students, faculty or staff members – although you might find helpful suggestions here for choices you make on your own site(s).

This style guide aims to aid LSSU content editors and managers in presenting consistently high-quality web pages. To ensure a unified experience, official pages of lssu.edu should appear to be visually related, demonstrate high usability standards and convey the university‘s brand promise.

  1. Responsive Web Design
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Templates
  4. Images on Web Pages
  5. Navigation and Menus
  6. Typography and Page Elements
  7. Writing Style Guide
  8. Voice and Tone Guidelines
  9. Common Errors in Word Usage
  10. Keeping the Site Accessible to All
  11. WordPress Tutorial Videos

Note: The guide should is a supplement to the university’s Web Policy, which regulates the standards, requirements and policies governing university websites.