On April 12, 2019, over 90 students from the Criminal Justice, Fire Science, Nursing, and Paramedic programs participated in an Interprofessional Simulation (IP). The scenario surrounded around a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) resulting from a multi-car accident. The IP sim provided students the opportunity to learn with and from one another the various aspects of their different disciplines so they can take what they learned and apply it into real-world practice. The first simulation of this kind to be held on the Lake Superior State University campus was a great success and will be held yearly each spring as an annual simulated learning event.

Here’s what a few participating students had to say.

“The collaboration was interesting to be a part of because that was a new experience.”

“I really enjoyed participating and seeing everyone’s different roles.”

“Working with paramedics was new and I enjoyed learning about their side of care.”

“This would be SUPER beneficial to continue doing! It was exciting and is something to look forward to for senior-level nurses.”

“Loved it! Wish I could be part of more!”

“I enjoyed working with the other team Members in fire science and criminal justice. It was nice to meet them.”

“I really hope this is something that carries on for years to come. I think this is truly a valuable learning experience that is a great asset to the Nursing, CJ, Paramedic, and Fire Science programs at Lake State!”