Grad Partners – In High Demand

A benefit from coming to LSSU is our commitment to undergraduate education. Fully focused faculty allow the student to maximize their potential. A result of this approach is our great reputation with graduate programs around the nation.

Kinesiology and Parks and Recreation students are found across graduate programs throughout the state, region, and nation. For students seeking Physical/Occupational Therapy, Medical, Chiropractic, Exercise Physiology, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Athletic Training, Sports Marketing, and other related graduate programs, we are specialists in preparing your next step into graduate education.

Doctoral Physical Therapy – Central Michigan University CMU DPT Program Link

The School of Kinesiology is proud to partner with the Doctoral of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at Central Michigan University (CMU) to provide two Kinesiology students the opportunity for “direct enrollment” into the CMU – DPT program. The partnership allows for direct placement, following interview, into two seats in the DPT program, one in Mount Pleasant and one at their sister site at Michigan Technological University (MTU) in Houghton.

The CMU – DPT program is regarded as one of the premier DPT programs in the region, consistently graduating students into the rewarding career of physical therapy. Their placement rate is remarkable, hovering at near 100% annually.