Employee Of The Year: In Recognition Of Outstanding Service To The Campus Community


The following conditions apply to nominations for the 2018-19 Recognition Awards:

Eligibility: Any University employee or currently enrolled student is eligible to make two nominations for the annual awards: one from the ESP (support staff) group (includes clerical, maintenance, food service, and public safety positions), and one from the A/P non-union group (administrative/professional). Nominations may be made from within your department or from other departments.

Service time required: Minimum of two years full-time or equivalent part-time service at LSSU in a regular position.

Exclusions: The president, vice presidents, and members of the selection committee are excluded from receiving these awards. The selection committee serves four-year terms and is replaced in rotation by the individuals receiving the awards. Awardees are excluded from nomination while committee members.

Committee members for 2018-19 are: Sheri Garee, Karen Storey, Derric Knight, Roger Greil, Ronald Throener and Carol Schmitigal (last year’s winners). Committee members may submit nominations.

Awards: An outstanding service award will be presented to one support staff employee and to one A/P employee at the Annual Retirement & Service Awards Ceremony. The names of awardees will be listed on a universal plaque.

How to Nominate

Nominations: Please use this form to submit the name(s) of your nominee(s) with complete statements of your reasons for nomination for the criteria listed below. Your signature/electronic signature is required for verification of your status as employee or student and will be kept confidential. Additional statements may be made on page 3.

Deadline: Ballots will be accepted until Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 5:00 p.m. If you have any questions about the program, please contact one of the committee members listed above.

2018 Honorees

Ronald Throener
Vehicle & Equipment Mechanic/Groundskeeper

Carol Schmitigal
Administrative Professional
Office Coordinator

Previous Year’s Honorees

Year Support Staff Administrative/Professional
2016-2017 Derric Knight Roger Greil
2015-2016 Sheri Garee Karen Storey
2014-2015 Jerry Killips Jackie Kellerman
2013-2014 George Carlisle Arlene MacPherson
2012-2013 Kathy Marchand Luanne Webb
2011-2012 Christine Roll Nancy Neve
2010-2011 Laura Bofinger Georgiana Cox
2009-2010 Jeff Harris Stella DePlonty
2008-2009 Judy Bawks Al Case
2007-2008 Colleen Barr Jerry Stephens
2006-2007 Deborah Pietrangelo Sharon Dorrity
2005-2006 Nora Izzard Mary St. Antoine
2004-2005 Kathy Danielkiewicz Heather Ferguson
2003-2004 Donna White Colleen Rye
2002-2003 Cheri Hoornstra Tom Pink
2001-2002 Laurie DeNeve-Ewing Holly Johnson
2000-2001 Theresa M. Weaver Kari Jastorff
1999-2000 Janine Murray Kahler Schuemann
1998-1999 Donald S. Jones Suzette M. Olson
1997-1998 Patricia A. Roe Roger Greil
1996-1997 Pauline H. Killips Cheri L. Castner
1995-1996 Judith V. Jones Karen L. Shackleton
1994-1995 Donna M. Payment Robbin S. Manor
1993-1994 Terri D. Peller Susan K. Camp
1992-1993 Jeanne E.Thompson Margaret E. Olson
1991-1992 Trinda A. Pontus Beverly E. White
1990-1991 Mary K. Person Conrad A. Schmitigal