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Peter Pietrangelo of Sault Ste. Marie presented a research paper at the 2010 John Burroughs Nature Writing Conference and Seminar held during the summer at the State University of New York in Oneonta. The conference, "Old Lessons for a New Millennium: Nature Writing and Environmentalism in the 21st Century," focused on the work of writers who contributed to the early conservation movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and the work of contemporary writers who are exerting an influence on the development of early 21st century environmentalism. Read more

Peter Pietrangelo ('10)
Liberal Studies, concentrations in both English and professional communication

Department of English

Voted 2012-2013 and 2014-2015 Department of the Year by Student Government!

Creative Writing

An intimate program with enthusiastic faculty, we give undergraduate students opportunities to get publishing experience before graduation. Unlike larger programs where your work may be lost in large workshop classes, our faculty are excited to work one-on-one with undergraduate students. To encourage innovation and experimentation as students develop their voices, all majors complete coursework in prose, poetry, and performance writing. A junior course lets students refine their voices and practice their craft in their preferred genre in a class where they will get feedback from students of multiple genres. Seniors take the Creative Writing Portfolio course, a capstone class in which students write a unified collection of publication-ready work in their preferred genre, working with the instructor of their choice on an independent study basis.

Student publication is encouraged in Snowdrifts, an annual publication of the English Club. You can also get involved in publication production through our internships with Border Crossing, LSSU's teaching journal, which may publish the very best student work alongside that of emerging and established writers. Annual Creative Writing Contests encourage students to write the best fiction and poetry they can. We host a Visiting Writers Series for which nationally recognized, award-winning writers and poets are invited to campus to give readings and master classes (pictured right are National Book Award Winners Jaimy Gordon, top, and Nikky Finney, bottom, who visited in 2012). We also organize trips to other literary events, and collaborate with LSSU’s fabulous theater program in providing students with opportunities for public readings and performances. Our creative writing courses have been featured in the Soo Evening News!

Courses Offered

In addition to our creative writing major, we also offer a creative writing minor.  Detailed descriptions of creative writing courses and their prerequisites are listed in the LSSU course catalog. Below is a list of the courses and semesters offered:

  • ENGL 221 Introduction to Creative Writing (3, FALL and SPRING)
  • ENGL 223 Creative Writing II (3, SPRING)
  • ENGL 301 Creative Prose Writing (3, EVERY THIRD SEMESTER)
  • ENGL 302 Poetry Writing (3, EVERY THIRD SEMESTER)
  • ENGL 303 Performance Writing (3, EVERY THIRD SEMESTER)
  • ENGL 409 Advanced Creative Writing Workshop (3, AS NEEDED)
  • ENGL 480 Creative Writing Portfolio (3, AS NEEDED)

Publishing Internships

Once you've earned credit in ENGL 223, you can apply for a publishing internship in fiction, nonfiction, or poetry at Snowdriftsor Border Crossing by permission of the instructor. Please note that you must perform satisfactorily during the fall internship in a genre in order to progress to the internship in that genre for the spring, and the internship series must be taken in sequence:

Fiction Internships

  • ENGL 399 Internship in Fiction Journals (1, FALL)
  • ENGL 399 Internship in Fiction Editing (2, SPRING)

Poetry Internships

  • ENGL 399 Internship in Poetry Journals (1, FALL)
  • ENGL 399 Internship in Poetry Editing (2, SPRING)

Recommended Reading

Creative Writing Faculty in prose and poetry have compiled recommended reading lists for creative writing students. How many have you read?

Recommended Reading List: Prose
Recommended Reading List: Poetry


Jessica Hirt

"One of my favorite things about LSSU is its size. The classrooms, especially as you get to the upper levels, get smaller, so you not only have a chance to discuss your ideas in an honest, supportive manner, but you also get to know your professors and classmates. The upper level courses really allow you to focus on what you love, and the small class size allows you to have time to share and to discuss your ideas." [ more ]

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