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The mission of Lake Superior State University School of Education is to promote the development of educational innovators who embrace diversity and are committed to the success of all learners.


Lake State secondary education student working with student in science camp

Make a difference . . .become a teacher at Lake State

Develop your passion for education at LSSU.  You will learn to inspire today’s youth as they become the next generation of successful citizens. You will gain a thorough understanding of teaching methodologies, develop deep knowledge of subject content, and  learn to apply book knowledge to real classrooms.  LSSU offers aspiring teachers an opportunity to learn teaching methods through classroom course work and practical application. Education students work in local classrooms beginning with their first education course.



Do you enjoy watching the daily discoveries of young babies as they move toward toddlerhood?  Does watching a preschooler try to figure out why a rock sinks and a boat floats get you excited?  You may have the passion and patience to become a great early childhood educator.  Early childhood educators teach children birth to age five.  They provide age appropriate experiences that help build a strong foundation of skills and a life-long love of learning to young children.

To see a list of courses required to earn an associates degree in early childhood education, click on this link:

Early Childhood Education Degree Assoc. Audit F18

To see a list of courses required to earn a bachelors degree in early childhood education, click this link:

Early Childhood Education BS Audit Sheet F18



Do enjoy working with a younger population? Do you think young learners are fascinating?  Are you excited when a child discovers that ants have legs?  Is patience your virtue? Can you imagine a train made from boxes and tape taking you to places such as “zipland”?

Elementary Education with a concentration in Early Childhood  may be the program for you.  At Lake Superior State University you  earn a bachelor degree in elementary education while specializing in teaching children birth through age eight.  You earn a Michigan elementary teaching certificate with a ZS endorsement.   Graduates are employed by Head Start, Great Start Readiness Preschool, and Elementary Schools.

List of the courses required earn a bachelor degree in Elementary Education-teaching certificate with an endorsement in Early Childhood Education:

Elementary Education with Early Childhood Education F2018 Audit Sheet


Do you have a passion for students with special needs?  Our special education learning disabilities endorsement provides teacher candidates with a solid understanding of learning theories in human development and prepares teachers to meet the needs of all students in general or special education.  Students will be prepared to teach kindergarten through fifth grade as well as resource room kindergarten through high school.

To see a list of the courses required to earn a bachelor degree in elementary education  with a concentration in special education learning disabilities,  click this link:

Elementary Teaching With Special Education Learning Disabilities Concentration F18 Audit Sheet


Are you imaginative? Do you enjoy the study of  reading, writing and language?  Elementary education majors with a concentration in Language Arts  provide elementary  students with opportunities to explore, discuss and process literary tools in order to understand others and express themselves.  Language arts teachers help students grow a love for reading, writing and communication.  If this sounds like you, then choose the Lake Superior State University teacher education program,  elementary education with a concentration in Language Arts.

To see a list of the courses required to earn a bachelor degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Language Arts, click this link: Language Arts Elementary Teaching Audit Sheet F18


Not all students like math, but a good math teacher can change that.  Do you want more children to be excited about math?  Then becoming an elementary teacher with a concentration in mathematics is the program for you.  Michigan needs teachers who love math, but equally love teaching math.  If you want to inspire a love for math, choose Lake Superior’s elementary teaching program with a concentration in mathematics.

To see a list of the courses required to earn a bachelor degree in Elementary Education teaching certificate with a concentration in mathematics click this link.

Mathematics Elementary Teaching Audit Sheet F18


Do you want to work in a elementary classroom teaching all subjects but having a specialization in language arts and mathematics?  This degree certifies you to be an elementary teacher with a deeper understanding of language arts and mathematics.  This degree includes all the requirements for a double minor: language arts and mathematics.

To view a list of the require courses click on the degree audit link:  Elementary Education with a Language Arts and Math Concentration Audit Sheet F18



Chemistry is a key subject in the area of applied science.    Many secondary educators say they love their subject matter, but what really excites them is shaping the minds and lives of future chemist.  Teachers of chemistry guide high school students through inquiry, investigation, problem solving as they study matter, it’s properties, reactions and interactions.

To see a list of courses you will need to complete to earn a chemistry – secondary teaching degree, click the following link:

Chemistry Secondary Teaching Audit Sheet F18


English Language and Literature is a major for those wishing to certify to teach English in middle or high school. As an English Language and Literature–Secondary Education major, you will have an opportunity to apply your knowledge of English Language and literature as you participate in various on campus community events and festivals.

To see what coursework you will need to complete to earn an English language and literature – secondary teaching degree, click on the following link:

English Language and Literature Secondary Teaching Audit Sheet F18


Math is important in our every day lives, balancing our checkbook, cooking meals, and even driving to our favorite lake, but those who take math to another level and become math teachers!!  Math teachers have a world of opportunities.  Great math teachers use both logic and creativity to inspire high school students to love math. Good math instruction requires a balance of skill, experience, teaching methods, all learned at LSSU.  The mathematics secondary education major offers students a comprehensive mathematics education and training to teach mathematics in high school.  Math teachers are in high demand,  if this is your favorite subject consider teaching.

To see what coursework you will need to complete to earn a mathematics – secondary teaching degree, click this link:

Mathematics Secondary Teaching Audit Sheet F18


Highly Trained Physical Science Teachers Needed to Educate the Next Generation.

What makes a good science teacher?

  • Knowledgeable about the subjects
  • Passionate about teaching and connecting with students
  • An analytical thinker
  • Willingness to do hard work
  • Socially and Culturally competent
  • Patient and resourceful
  •  Able to work collaboratively with colleagues

Currently, many school districts have openings for qualified physical science teachers.

Physical Science encompasses a broad range of scientific subjects, physics, chemistry , astronomy, geology, environmental science, biological science, atmospheric science, and earth science.

To see what coursework you will need to complete for a physical science – secondary teaching degree click this link:

Physical Science Secondary Teaching Audit Sheet F15