School of General Studies

There are three general studies programs:

All of these programs offer flexibility and customization of the coursework in the degree. The associates degrees in general studies and in liberal arts are often used with the Michigan Tuition Incentive Program (TIP).

General Studies

The General Studies degree programs (BA, BS, A) offers flexibility as the student chooses one area of concentration for an associate’s degree program and two areas of concentration for a bachelor’s degree program. Then the student may pick and choose any courses from the concentration area(s). This is an excellent program to start with if you are undecided about a major. It provides an opportunity to explore courses and focus on general education courses that will count towards any major. It is also an excellent program for students looking to customize their degree to their own interests. Students can prepare themselves for a variety of careers and/or graduate school options.

LSSU offers an associate, a bachelor of arts, and a bachelor of science in general studies. The concentration areas for this degree are listed in the table below.

  • Areas of Concentration
  • Behavioral Sciences
    Courses in sociology, psychology, and social work
  • Business
    Courses in accounting, business, economics, finance, management, and marketing
  • Communications
    Courses in communication
  • Computational Sciences
    Courses in math and computer science
  • Education
    Courses in education, early childhood, and special education
  • Emergency Services
    Courses in criminal justice, fire science, and emergency medicine
  • Engineering
    Courses in engineering
  • Fine Art
    Courses in theatre and fine arts
  • Health
    Courses in emergency medicine, health, kinesiology, and nursing
  • Humanities and Philosophy
    Courses in humanities and philosophy
  • Modern Languages and Literature
    Courses in English and world languages
  • Natural Sciences
    Courses in biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, and geology
  • Social Sciences
    Courses in economics, geography, history, and political science
Liberal Arts Associate Degree

The Liberal Arts Associate Degree also offers flexibility. It combines the general education requirements of a bachelors degree with a minor.

Individualized Studies

Individualized Studies is a degree custom designed by the student, advisor, and individualized studies committee. Please see the webpage about it for more information.