Our Mission

Through rigorous intellectual and creative inquiry, we prepare our students for success in graduate and professional schools, along their career paths, and in an increasingly interconnected global society.

Our Vision

The disciplines in the Arts & Letters are essential to understanding the human condition. They provoke, uplift, inspire, challenge, and engage our minds and spirits. The Arts & Letters faculty are practicing artists and academics who regularly present, perform, and/or publish in our respective fields. Lake State’s faculty and students embrace interdisciplinary collaboration as we address the profound concerns of the human experience. Students leave our programs with broadened worldviews, an ethic of care for the Earth and its inhabitants, a sense of civic responsibility, and the tools for a successful life.

Our Disciplines

The School of Arts & Letters encompasses the following fields, which are available for study at LSSU: creative writing, English, humanities, music, philosophy, theatre, visual art, and world language including Spanish and Chinese. For more information about the various programs and elective courses available in each of these disciplines, visit the links to the left or consult the most recent version of our course catalog.


Faculty and students in the School of Arts & Letters enjoy interdisciplinary collaboration.

Fiction Editors

LSSU student Janessa Stutz, left, Prof. Mary McMyne, center,
and student John Keller, right, discuss line edits for a selected short story in the LSSU journal Border Crossing. (LSSU/John Shibley)


Nursing students work with theatre students in the Healthcare Simulation Practicum.

Nursing students Sarah Burnham, Sydney Holstege, and Michalla Fader work with theatre students Trinity Searles and Michael Oakes as part of our THEA 164 Healthcare Simulation practicum.