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"I chose to transfer to Lake Superior State University because of the personal attention I would receive. I did not want to attend a large university where I would be a number lost in the masses. The well-rounded curriculum allowed me to obtain my position at John Deere. Having a good balance of theory and hands-on knowledge is critical for my position and Lake State gave me a good foundation in these skills."

Maria DiValentin, Mechanical Engineering 2001
Field Service Representative,
John Deere Power Systems
Waterloo, IA

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The Engineering House is an on-campus student residence, part of the Living Learning Communities that make up the Row Houses. The Chippewa Hall is home to the Engineering House which is a short walk from the CASET Building. The Living Learning Communities provide students within the same academic goals with additional support and resources from faculty in addition to opportunities to collaborate and learn with their peers.

The Engineering House is open to both male and female engineering students of any level (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.) and has no additonal costs from the standard dorm fees on campus. The house itself is also equipped with additional comforts and amenities including a media room containing a large flat screen TV, a house computer with various engineering software (MATLAB, ModelSim Altera, and other class relevant software), a library/study including engineering-related literature, and a small set of electrical laboratory equipment such as a power supply generator, an oscilloscope, a function generator, and miscellaneous parts. A new feature is a projector and screen in the living room of the west side of the house and available for all residents' use.

In exchange for these amenities and conveniences, the house members are required to participate in a house project that is above and beyond normal class work. The project is decided upon by house members and approved by the house advisor(s). The house project is a great way for students to gain experience working on an engineering team and being part of the engineering process as it goes from design to build and test.

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Through Fall 2012 to Spring 2014, the Engineering House was able to design, construct, and program a rapid prototyper (RP), also known as a 3D printer. This project was funded by LSSU's School of Engineering & Technology. The end user will be the School's Summer Robotics Camps held every summer. The 3D printer will be mostly responsible for printing small model robots which are handed out to the camp participants.

Members of Engineering House also take part in numerous student-planned house group activities. Movie Nights in CAS 212 were a favorite along with game nights and video game tournaments on the new projector screen accompanied by pizza and pop.

Notable alumni and industry representatives have visited the house along with special guest speakers. A workshop dedicated to resume building has become an annual event.

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This year's project was the designing and building of a rapid prototyping (RP) machine. This project was funded and supported by the LSSU Engineering Department. The main user of this product will be the LSSU Summer Robotics Camps which are put on every summer by the LSSU Engineering Department. This RP maching will be mostly responsible for printing small model robots which are handed out to the participants of the summer camps.

The Engineering House also likes to get together occasionally throughout the year to participate in some sort of fun activity. Before this academic year started, house members along with the house advisors played a round of disc golf on Lake State's campus course. This was a great way to get to know fellow house members and have a little fun, too!

The group took first place the the Row House Snow Scultpure Contest. The winnings were convernted into a projector that was installed in the West side. Several house members assisted the local Boy Scouts earning their engineering badges, and constructed the Little Screw Award the annual Engineering Banquet.


Engineering House residents designed and built a data logging system for the SAE Baja vehicle.

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Engineering House Mr. Adil Shafi(far left) meets with Dr. Joe Moening the Engineering House Residents West Chippewa House's Winning Snow Sculpture: LEGO Castle with a LEGO Guard    

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Scott Coburn

Blake Dansfield

Shell Stacey

Faculty Advisors:
  Joseph Moening

Jaskirat Sodhi
House E-mail:

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PC Specialist - Sault Area Public Schools, Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Lisa Luton

The initial phase of the project was spent implementing an old assets database into a new system that also managed help desk tickets and asset users. Data was manipulated to fit specific templates that were to be uploaded into the new system. The remainder of the project was spent working in the technology office as a PC specialist. Hardware and software issues were repaired on laptops and desktop computers. Also, time was spent configuring printers, installing projectors, and repairing various technology problems that came up.

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