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"My two business degrees from LSSU were instrumental in preparing me to work at all levels of Edison Sault Electric (ESE), concluding with the privilege of becoming ESE President in 1998. My company also takes pride in that 14 out of a total of 17 management personnel and about 20% of hourly employees at ESE either have degrees from or have attended a substantial number of classes at LSSU. Finally, our company and employees have contributed in excess of $500,000 to various LSSU projects over the last 25 years. ESE Believes in Blue."

Don Sawruk '70
Edison Sault Electric Company
President and CEO
Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Business Administration (Entrepreneurship)

New and growing smaller firms have created more than 80% of the net new jobs in the US economy.

Prepared to Lead

Today, small firms with fewer than 500 employees represent 99% of businesses in the US. It is therefore highly likely that Business graduates will find employment in the smaller or entrepreneurial firm, underlining the importance of the entrepreneurship program in helping graduates to prepare for and secure these jobs.

Recent Junior Achievement survey results suggest that 92% of teenagers believe that entrepreneurship should be taught in college, or earlier; further, more than one-half of these respondents indicated that they would like to start their own businesses. Today, high school seniors select entrepreneurial work as their eighth most popular career choice from a total of 70 possibilities. The entrepreneurship program therefore accommodates this prevalent demand, enabling students to become future entrepreneurs if they so choose.

A recent study also demonstrates that young people with entrepreneurs as role models are more likely to achieve a broad range of success in business, school, and in life. Uniformly, the self-employed report the highest levels of personal satisfaction, challenge, pride, and remuneration. Entrepreneurs love their work because it is invigorating, energizing, and meaningful. As they invent, mold, recognize, and pursue opportunities, entrepreneurs are the genius and energy behind job, value, and wealth creation in our economy.

The entrepreneurship major is designed to develop students’ skills so that they are both confident and competent in analyzing new business ideas; refining a vision of a new business into the kind of business plan lenders and investors are likely to approve; and, translating the business plan into the start-up, launch, daily management, and growth and exit strategies most relevant and feasible for a small business venture. The entrepreneurship major also prepares students for working within a small, entrepreneurial firm, as an employee with specific business skills tailored to the needs of the smaller firm. The study of entrepreneurship includes classes in marketing, accounting, management, and entrepreneurship, and requires an internship placement in a small firm or as an advisor to a small firm. These courses, along with the common professional business core courses, will provide students with the knowledge, training, and practical experience required to become successful small business owners, counselors, and employees.


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