B.S. Biology: Animal Biology

If you are interested in Zoology or Animal Health, the Animal Biology concentration could be right for you. The program builds on the BS Biology core curriculum with a focus on animal health, anatomy and physiology, evolution and animal behavior, as well as nutrition and disease. From there, students can choose courses in the zoology of major taxa, or issues of animal health. The degree provides a solid background for working with animals in zoos or nature preserves, or a wide range of careers in the veterinary sciences.

Why Study Biology at LSSU?

At Lake Superior State University class sizes are small and labs are taught by faculty rather than graduate students, Our faculty are not only experts in their field of interest but are also dedicated teachers. Hands-on experience includes working with sophisticated laboratory equipment and the opportunity to work at many diverse terrestrial and aquatic field sites. Graduates of the department complete a capstone senior thesis or service-learning project which they design, implement, analyze, and present their findings on a topic of their choosing.


Hands-on Learning

Biology students at LSSU benefit from a low student to faculty ratio. Most upper level classes have 30 students or less and laboratory sections are often limited to less than 15 students. This affords the faculty time to interact individually with closely with students to ensure that they have the opportunity to apply the laboratory and field skills required of professional scientists.

Career Choices

  • Veterinary science
  • Animal biology research
  • Zoos and nature centers
  • Veterinary assistant
  • Animal pathology
  • Animal care specialists
  • Animal research technicians
  • Animal shelters
  • Wildlife sanctuaries