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Web Development Concentration

Because building web and mobile applications today is complex, the minimum level of entry in the profession is an associate degree.  The number of bachelor degree programs in web development is growing and LSSU is one of six programs in the state of Michigan that offer a bachelor degree in a web-related major.

We are one of the few bachelor degree programs in the state of Michigan with a major in web development and we offer the program in the traditional classroom. 

Bachelor Degree in Computer Networking (Web Development Concentration)

You may want to pursue a bachelor degree in networking, with web development as your major.  Students in this program take all of the "web core" courses.

The six required web core courses include:

  • Web Page Design and Development
  • Web Graphic Design and Development
  • Developing Multimedia and Rich Interactive Web Sites
  • Web Server Administration
  • Developing Web Applications with JavaScript and PHP
  • Developing Web Applications with ASP.NET

In addition, students take additional courses which teach you how to:

  • Designing iOS applications for Apple mobile devices
  • Create cross-platform and mobile applications using Java, Perl and Lua
  • Programming courses to give you a strong foundation in the basics of designing and coding a software program.
  • Database management course where you learn SQL, which is used with PHP/MySQL or ASP/SQL Server web applications.
  • Network operating systems courses, including an introduction to Unix and system administration, so you get a strong grasp of how to manage your web sites on different operating systems.
  • Manage simple projects and year long projects.

This degree prepares you for the widest range of jobs because you learn to integrate your knowledge of web development, web design, project management, networking, programming, and business and marketing.

Associate Degree Internet Network Specialist (Web Development Concentration)

Other students choose to complete an associate's degree. You may choose to complete the associate degree and after continue on to finish your bachelor degree. 

Students in this program are required to complete four of the web core courses.

  • Web Page Design and Development
  • Web Graphic Design and Development
  • Developing Multimedia and Rich Interactive Web Sites
  • Web Server Administration

Associate Degree Internet/Network Specialist (Web Development Concentration)

Students, who choose other careers, may also choose to minor in web development.

You may choose to major in accounting, business and managements, teaching and physical and biological sciences and benefit by combining their knowledge of programming with your primary field.

  • Web Page Design and Development
  • Web Graphic Design and Development
  • Developing Multimedia and Rich Interactive Web Sites
  • Web Server Administration
  • Developing Web Applications with JavaScript and PHP
  • Developing Web Applications with ASP.NET

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies (Web Development Minor)

If you are interested in the marketing and business side of the web may choose to complete a degree in Liberal Studies. This degree provides the most flexibility as you select your two minors. Students may choose minors such as marketing, business and combine them with a minor in web development.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Internet/Network Specialist (Web Development Concentration or Visual Arts Concentration)

If you are interested in web design or graphic design, then a bachelor degree in Fine Art Studies might be the degree for you! In this degree program you can choose different options:

  • Web design and management concentration
  • Visual Arts concentration

Graphic designers create the visual layout and design of the web site and mobile application. Their job may also include production and design for other graphics and multimedia projects within the organization such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports.

Multimedia artists and animators may overlap with their responsibilitie with graphic designers. They are responsible for the creation of animation and visual effects for video, mobile applications, web sites, and other forms of media.

Women in Computer Science

There are many opportunities for women today in computer science! To help prepare young women for careers in computer science, students attend the biennial Michigan Celebration of Women in Computing Conference. MICWIC is part of a nationwide effort to inspire women to enter computer science professions.

LSSU is also a member of the National Center for Women & Information Technology - Academic Alliance (NCWIT).

Students Dominique Taylor, left, and Lauren Rawson pose with Microsoft's Jennifer Marsman, a keynote speaker at the Michigan Celebration of Women in Computing Conference held in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Why You Should Choose LSSU

There are many primary reasons students choose study web development at LSSU.

The curriculum reflects the changes in the technologies and trends used in business, job advertisements and the web certifications offered by companies such as CIW, Adobe, Microsoft and WOW). 

We teach the broad spectrum of responsibilities that a web developer will have in their job, such as:

  • Creating and managing web sites using content management systems
  • Creating and managing web sites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript/AJAX/JQuery
  • Creating graphics for the web and mobile applications using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Creating and managing web applications using PHP/MySQL and ASP.NET/MVC
  • Installing, configuring a web server and managing multiple web sites including domain name registration and management
  • Creating multimedia applications with Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere Pro/After Effects
  • Creating mobile applications with Objective-C for iOS devices (Apple) as well as using Java, Perl and Lua for Android and other mobile platforms.

Our program is designed to help you gain the skills needed in the workplace. Our curriculum is designed to give you the skills you need to begin to build web applications from day one. Students gain experience by working on real projects, giving them real world experiences before they graduate.  

  • In the sophomore projects course you will to learn how to analyze the needs of the client, design a project and implement a web application for a real web site. Students work with clients at the university or in the community, or completing an internship or a research project! 
  • In your senior year, you will complete two semesters of a senior project course, where you will be challenged to build and manage larger and more complex web and mobile applications. You will develop soft skills such as communicating with clients, preparing written documentation and technical reports, delivering presentations and training to clients, and effectively and working on teams.
  • Students gain experience by working on real web sites on a live web server, giving them real world experiences before they graduate.   

LSSU is a member of the Apple University program, providing students with access to the software needed to learn how to create mobile applications for Apple devices. Students in the mobile applications programming course develop iPhone applications using Apple laptops.

Our facilities provide students with the tools they need. Students have 24-hour access to two dedicated labs.

Using VMWare and virtual machines, students are able to gain experiences across multiple operating systems and programming languages. At LSSU, students learn a variety of web programming languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery/AJAX, Java, Perl, Lua, PHP/MySQL, ASP/MVC as well as ActionScript for Flash.

LSSU has an active student chapter of ACM. Students participate in annual programming competitions.  

Students taking computer science have a wide range of interests. Students are active in many non-academic clubs around campus including the Doctor Who Club and members of athletic teams.

Your classes at LSSU in web development are structured around helping you build your career. Therefore, the classes are focused on using what you learned in class to develop your portfolio, which you can use when you graduate as you are pursuing your first job. Students are encouraged to integrate their classwork with their internships, volunteer and student club activities.

Our Faculty believes in you! Faculty are involved with students and become your guide and mentor you through-out the program.  The faculty have open door policies, allowing you to choose your advisor. 

Hands-on Learning: Student Projects

Eric Minaker, a computer networking/web development student from Sault Ste. Marie, poses with Dr. Andrea Munoz-Hernandez of the LSSU School of Physical Sciences in front of an image from a project that Minaker developed during his senior year of studies. Working with Dr. Munoz-Hernandez, Minaker produced a website and associated tools to effectively visualize, compare, and manage approximately 1,500 standard precipitation index datasets so researchers may better understand precipitation and drought patterns.


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