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23 Michigan Conservation Officers - all LSSU alumni - met up at Camp Grayling


Criminal Justice

Outstanding reputation for producing well educated and well trained criminal justice practitioners

Our program has been in place for over thirty years and we have an outstanding reputation for producing well educated and well trained criminal justice practitioners. You will be taught by former and active police officers, corrections officers and lawyers.  The program combines academic and hands-on training.  Courses in criminal investigation, firearms training and agency internships will help you acquire the necessary skills to excel in your future careers.   

Ready to start their careers...

Lake State offers one of the few law enforcement track programs in the state of Michigan.  This program allows area Law Enforcement majors to obtain their police academy training while completing their Bachelors degree.  Students graduating from this program will leave the university MCOLES certifiable and therefore ready to start their careers as police officers without attending another academy. 

Our criminalistics program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing investigative work.  This degree allows students to obtain a chemistry minor as part of their degree and graduates have been employed directly into crime labs or have continued on to graduate school.

The corrections program will allow students to pursue careers in prisons and also in community based corrections.  Many of our graduates are now probation officers, parole officers, as well as jail and prison officers.

The public safety degree is unique in that it allows students to obtain several certifications.  Graduates of this degree will have law enforcement, fire science and emergency medical training. 

Another option for students in criminal justice is the loss control program. This program is intended for students interested in entering the private sector where they will manage security at large corporations and other agencies.

Outstanding Alumni

Sgt. Marty R. Singleton ('07) featured in Blue Line Magazine

Sgt. Marty R. Singleton ('07)
Provincial Liaison Team-North West Region

"I owe a lot of my success in my career to the time I spent in Sault Ste. Marie and LSSU."

-Blue Line Magazine, April 2014

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Online Degree Available

The generalist degree can be delivered via distance format to student who have associate degrees in criminal justice and are located near a community college (where they will finish their elective and general education requirements).

The criminal justice generalist degree is also being delivered to active police officers in Ontario via a combined effort with Sault College.  These officers (primarily Ontario Provincial Police officers) have their courses provided to them via online classes, DVD tape delayed courses and independent study.

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The Unique Properties of Sand: Its Use as Criminal Trace Evidence

Whittney Laderoute

Sand was collected and analyzed from five beaches in the upper peninsula of Michigan: The Shallows, Brimley State Park, Point Iroquois, Big Pine and Pendillís Creek. Tests were undertaken in order to determine the reliability of sand as trace evidence in criminal investigations. Size and visual comparisons were made using a compound light microscope and chemical composition was determined by using SEM-EDS analysis. Results showed several size trends and SEM-EDS trends but gave no concrete evidence to suggest that the sand used in this experiment can be used as reliable trace evidence. Further research is necessary to confirm or deny this.

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