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Alum Success

Gary Benjamin '70

President and COO, Champion, Inc.
Iron Mountain, MI

LSSU Business, Economics, and Legal Studies Distinguished Alumni '07

Former LSSU Board Trustee


Nursing: Hands-on Training
Faculty and Staff
Outstanding Faculty

Ron Hutchins, MSN, RN, CNE

Associate Dean, School of Nursing

ADN 1977, Lake Superior State College
BSN 1978, Lake Superior State College
MSN 1995, Northern Michigan University

Kathleen Bazinau

Academic Secretary, School of Nursing

BS 2010, Lake Superior State University

Adrienne Beckham, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor

LPN 1967, Lake Superior State College of Michigan Technological University
ADN 1977, Lake Superior State College
BSN 2001, Lake Superior State University
MSN 2012, Regis University


Kathy Berchem, MSN, RN, FNP-BC

Assistant Professor

BA 1993, University of Windsor
BSN 1997, Lake Superior State University
MSN 2003, Michigan State University


Cynthia Butcher, MSN, RN, FNP

Assistant Professor

BSN 1974, Michigan State University
MA 1983, Michigan State University
MSN 1995, Michigan State University


Mark Carlson, BSN, RN

Nursing Lab Supervisor

BA 1976, Northern Michigan University
BSN 1989, Northern Michigan University


Andrea Donmyer, MSN, RN, CNM

Assistant Professor

BSN 2001, Lake Superior State University
MSN 2008, University of Cincinnati


Jaimee Gerrie, MSN, RN-BC

Assistant Professor

BSN 1994, Lake Superior State University
MSN 2011, Walden University

Charla Gordon, RD, MA, CDE, CHES

Assistant Professor

BS 1979, Michigan State University
MA 1993, Central Michigan University

Judy Hering, BSN, RN

Lead Simulation Specialist

BSN 2008, Lake Superior State University

Lynn Kabke, MSN, RN, CNS

Chair, School of Nursing
Director, Practical Nursing Program

Assistant Professor

BSN 1989, Lake Superior State University
MSN 1994, Northern Michigan University

Patti Kellan, MSN, RN, FNP, CNS

Assistant Professor

ADN 1978, Lake Superior State College
BSN 1989, Lake Superior State University
MSN 1996, Northern Michigan University

Sandi King, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor

BSN 1999, Lake Superior State University
MSN 2010, Regis University

Maureen O'Shea, MSN, RN, FNP-BC

Assistant Professor

BSN 2003, Lake Superior State University
MSN 2005, Michigan State University

Lori Oliver, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor

AD 1988, Davenport College of Business
ADN 2000, North Central Michigan College
BSN 2009, Spring Arbor University
MSN 2012, Spring Arbor University

Jodi Orm, MSN, RN, CNE

Assistant Professor

BSN 1992, Lake Superior State University
MSN 2008, St. Joseph's College of Maine

Paula Jo Peters, Ph(c)d, RN, ACCN

Assistant Professor

LPN 1985, Alpena Community College
BSN 1991, Mercy College of Detroit
MSN 2008, Michigan State University


Mary Reynolds-Keegan, DNP, RN

Assistant Professor

LPN 1973, Northern Michigan University
BSN 1977, Northern Michigan University
MSN 1996, Northern Michigan University
DNP 2010, Oakland University

Kelli Verdecchia, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor

BSN 1993, Lake Superior State University
MSN 2011, Regis University



Faculty members come here with the primary goal to teach. Our nursing professors and instructors have extensive real world work experience which they share with students every day.

Nursing Professor Kathy Berchem receives 2008 Distinguished Teaching Award

Kathy BerchemAssistant Prof. Kathy Berchem, a 1997 alumna of LSSU, was presented with the award, the most prestigious honor given to LSSU faculty, during commencement ceremonies on May 3. She follows Prof. MaryAnne Shannon, who received the award in 2007.

"The distinguished teacher is a member of the LSSU community who exemplifies the best of our University," said Steve Merrill, former LSSU dean of Nursing. "She uses creative and innovative methods to convey the subject matter and engage students in learning, and she conveys genuine caring and competence."

A relative newcomer to the LSSU faculty, having been hired in January 2005, Berchem quickly earned the respect and admiration of her students and peers.

"Probably Kathy's greatest strength is her ability to interact with students," Merrill said. ''Student evaluations of her classroom and laboratory teaching are among the most positive for any faculty member. Several students have described her as their favorite professor at LSSU. Kathy does this while having very high expectations of student learning. Her courses are not easy.

"In the classroom, she is very effective at bringing in additional information to supplement and expand on the textbook material, and she clearly conveys enthusiasm and depth of knowledge of the subject matter," Merrill continued.

Merrill said Berchem is highly competent in the laboratory as well, and draws upon her experience as a professional nurse when teaching her students.

"She goes beyond the technical demonstration of the material. She is an outstanding model of the behavior and values of a professional nurse while she is teaching. This is critical for this level of students, as they are at the beginning of their professional development and Kathy's behavior is an excellent foundation for them."

In accepting the award, Berchem recalled meeting chemistry professor Barb Keller, the 2002 recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award, in her first year of teaching at LSSU.

''I remember meeting Barb Keller in the hallway at the end of the semester and asking her if she was excited for summer to be here. She said, 'Yes, but I'll miss the students.' I've never forgotten that. Students have really become the focus of my teaching, and mentors have really helped me learn how to be a teacher. Thank you to all of you who have helped me along in this process. I really appreciate it; this is a culmination of what I really love to do."

Nursing Professor MaryAnne Shannon receives 2007 Distinguished Teaching Award

"A distinguished teacher is a member of the LSSU community who exemplifies the best of our faculty," said Bruce Harger Ph.D., (Retired) LSSU vice president for academic affairs and provost. "She is caring, compassionate and available to students, as well as being challenging, demanding and fair. A distinguished teacher is respected, cooperative, works well as a team member and contributes to the advancement of her program at the university."

Students who nominated Shannon described her as a mentor, a leader, an inspirational role model and friend.

"This teacher’s constant support, encouragement and acceptance have enabled us to push ourselves further than we ever thought we were capable," said one student. "Her calming words of 'I know you can do this. You know this material,' before an exam, or a reassuring email to her students on the darkest of days, when they feel they cannot complete what they have started, are reasons why we have inspiration to succeed and realize our potential."

Another of her students said, “Her passion to instill pride and excitement in what she teaches is contagious. We will forever carry into our careers the countless daily lessons, values and ethical principles that she models. We can only hope to be as capable of inspiring others as she has inspired us."

Majoring in Nursing

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