Crime Lab

Students learn proper forensic techniques within one of our dedicated criminalistics labs.

Students inspect a weapon under black light in their Criminalstics lab

Indoor Range

LSSU is one of a few criminal justice programs to offer students an on-site shooting range.

Four students practice their shooting stance while in our indoor firing range

Sault Police Donate Patrol Car to LSSU Law Enforcement Academy

Sault Ste. Marie, MI Police Department Chief John Riley presented a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor to support the LSSU’s Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) academy program.MCOLES Students surround a patrol car that was donted to the academy from the Sault Police Department

The vehicle affords the academy needed equipment to enhance the quality of its program.  The seven-week MCOLES academy is held every May, and teaches students skills in firearms, driving, and defense tactics.

MCOLES certification is required by Michigan for CJ graduates applying to be police officers. The cadets standing around this car will be using it to practice specialized driving techniques.

Of all the state’s MCOLES academies, LSSU continues to have the highest employment placement for cadets after graduation.