Why choose chemistry?

Investment! Chemistry IS for you! Chemistry is the central science, and the study of chemical behavior is fundamental to many applications in the other scientific disciplines. As a result, a degree in chemistry can lead to wide variety of exiting careers in drug development, forensic science, material sciences, pharmacy and medicine, toxicology, and more!

A degree in the chemical sciences continues to be a good educational investment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting a median salary for chemists of $69,700 per year. A recent study of new college graduates showed that chemistry majors have among the best employment prospects, and some of the best starting salaries within the scientific disciplines.

The quality of a LSSU education is demonstrated by the top flight graduate and professional schools our graduates attend, such as: MIT, U.C. Berkeley, Syracuse, Michigan, Michigan State, University of Wisconsin, Johns Hopkins, UNLV, Texas A&M, Quinnipiac, Minnesota, Ohio State, Toronto, Oregon, etc.

Opportunity! At LSSU we offer hands on opportunities for student learning in all of our programs. We maintain a modern suite of chemical instrumentation that rivals that of many of the larger institutions in the region. And unlike many other universities, our facilities are devoted to undergraduate education and student/faculty research. Combine that with our small class sizes (upper level classes typically have 8-15 students), and we offer a unique educational environment at a state university price.

All of our seniors have the opportunity to conduct a capstone research project on an area of interest to them and relevance to their professional focus. Students work closely with a faculty mentor to design a project, conduct their research, and analyze their results. Each senior presents a poster at a Friday evening forum, and a short talk at our Saturday Research Symposium.

Learning environment! Close student faculty interaction is a hallmark of a LSSU education. A great way to get to know the faculty and other students in our programs is by joining the Chemistry & Environmental Sciences Club. Chem Club meets weekly in Huron Hall, and engages in a variety of social, professional, and service activities that range from camping, to tubing to attending ACS, AAFS, or other professional conferences, and volunteering for environmental cleanups and monitoring. For information on the Chemistry & Environmental Sciences club, visit their Facebook Page!

Many of the club members also choose to live in the historic Huron Hall Living Learning Community. In addition to a convenient location across the lawn from Crawford Hall (and next to the Library!), Huron Hall features large bedrooms, full kitchens, a library/study lounge, a full screen projector (with cable TV), and WiFi internet access.

Contact Dr. Clause for information about Chem Club or Huron Hall.

Which of our programs is right for you?

Bachelor of Science degree programs:

Associates degree programs:

Certificates :

Our chemistry program is accredited by the American Chemical Society


Where do our graduates go after leaving LSSU?

Following the completion of their bachelors degrees, many of our students choose to pursue a graduate degree (M.S. or Ph.D.), which is often required for a career in chemistry or environmental research. Our students have an excellent record of admission into some of the top graduate programs in the country. A faculty advisor will help you to select a program and prepare your application materials, and maximize your chance at being admitted to your program of choice.

Other students graduate from LSSU and go directly into the workforce. Our graduates work for a variety of federal, state/provincial, and local government agencies, industry, private consulting, and education institutions.

Graduate and Professional Schools:

  • Michigan State University
  • Ferris State University
  • Wayne State University
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • University of Minnesota
  • Iowa State University
  • Indiana University
  • Purdue University
  • Lewis University
  • University of Arizona
  • University of Oregon
  • Ball State University
  • University of Wisconsin at Madison
  • University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
  • Clarkson University
  • Texas A & M University
  • University of Illinois at Chicago
  • University of Pisa International
  • Northwestern Health Sciences University
  • MIT
  • University of California at Berkeley
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • The Ohio State University
Chemistry Club
students in teaching lab

Jobs at various companies/institutions:

  • Cambium Analytical
  • Wayne State University
  • SOS Analytical
  • Spectrum Health
  • Bristol Meyers Squibb
  • Ice Mountain Water
  • MPI Research
  • Beaumont Hospital
  • Michigan Blood
  • City of Detroit
  • Indianapolis-Marion County Forensic Services Agency
  • American Institute of Toxicology
  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
  • Nestle
  • Neogen
  • Grand Rapids Police Department
  • Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Latent Print Unit Michigan State Police Grayling
  • Breckenridge Pharmaceutical, Inc
  • City of Midland
  • Mark Anthony Brewing
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Protein Science Corporation
  • Northeast Laboratory Services
  • Carroll County Health Department
  • Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories
  • Perrigo