College of Arts and Sciences Research Symposium

Friday, April 26, 2024 @ 2:00 pm

Join us in person or virtually for senior research presentations from students in the areas of biology and chemistry!

Schedule of Presentations

Chemistry 1 Presentations – CRW 303

2:20Abigial Marshall
Hypervalent Iodine(III)-Mediated sp3 C-C Bond Functionalization for the Formation of New C-C and C-H Bonds in Dihydroquinazolines
2:40Mackenzie Stockwell
Hydrazine Coupling via Plasma-Microdroplet Fusion with Direct Drug Analysis via Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry
3:00Morgan Acker
Determining COVID-19 Trends in the United States and Canada
3:40Isaac Fitzpatrick
Removal of volatile non-cannabinoid compounds from cannabis distillate
4:00Martyna Berto
Chiral Analysis of Cannabinoids Using High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography
4:20Nicole Borst
Antifungal Abilities of Plant Extracts Against Fusarium oxysporum and Fusarium solani
4:40Jake Jirsa
Quantification of Aspergillus sp. in Cannabis

Chemistry 2 Presentations – CRW 305

2:20Sydney Hubert
Characterization of Inorganic Gunshot Residue (IGSR) in Fetal Pig Skin and Tissue During Decomposition in Cold Climate Conditions

2:40Mackenzie Stockwell
Characterization of Bullet Wipe on Different Fabric Materials
3:00Aidan Lesnock

Investigation of Potency Inflation Due to Standard Degradation

3:40Selena Kingsley

Investigations of Vitamin D Metabolites using Different Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry (IM-MS) Methods

4:00Andrew Herron

Micro X-Ray Fluorescence Applied for Forensic Trace Evidence

4:20Benjamin Cole
Proteomic Analysis of Fingermark Evidence

4:40Brittany Bowman
Removal of Ibuprofen Using Metal Organic Frameworks and Activated Charcoal

Environmental Science Presentations – CRW 306

2:20Molly Thomas

Prevalence of ticks in the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan & Presence of Borrelia burgdorferi

2:40Martin Ross and Gabe Gadwood

Assessment of PFAS Bioaccumulation and Tissue Localization in Lake Superior Rainbow Smelt (Osmerus mordax)

3:00Kyra Kelley

Effects of Firework Displays on Air Quality and Metal Deposition Fluxes

3:40Skylar Lensch
Effect of Nutrient Dynamics on Algal Blooms in Munuscong Bay

4:00Caitlyn Maas

Factors influencing Beach Water Quality in Chippewa County Michigan Inland Lakes

4:20Hayley Beaudoin
Applications of Laser Direct Infrared (LDIR) Spectroscopy in Mineralogy: A Comparative Study to Conventional Methods

4:40Brittany Bowman
Removal of Ibuprofen Using Metal Organic Frameworks and Activated Charcoal

Biology 1 Presentations – CRW 204

2:20Jaden WilderThe Impact of Sports Drinks on Female Basketball Players’ Hydration Levels
2:40Zabrina LeVasseurCortisol Levels Post Exercise in Athletes vs. Non-Athletes
3:00Marie MathieuMelatonin and Caloric Restriction: Their Effect on Reducing Oxidative Stress
3:40Alexa QuaineExploring the Use of First Instar Crude Maggot Extract as an Alternative to Live Maggot Therapy for Treatment Against S. aureus & E. faecalis Infections
4:00Zachary SmithSystematic Review of the Prevalence and Fetal Fraction of Trisomy 21 within Risk Populations
4:20Sydney BrineyAnalysis of Bacteria within Educational Institutions of Sault Sainte Marie, MI

Biology 2 Presentations – CRW 205

2:20Sadie DrocktonEffectiveness of Horseradish Peroxidase in the Removal of Hormones from Wastewater Effluent
2:40Margaret LawrenceGrowth Rate of Eastern White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis) in Aquaponics vs. Soil
3:00Raven McKechnieDetermining threshold level and sensitivity of Environmental DNA testing for Didymosphenia geminata, an invasive al
3:40Kyah SextonTraining Non-Releasable Raptors
4:00Kadin McCallumCapture rate in carnivorous plants of Michigan
4:20 Rachel WebsterBest Seat in the House: What is the Snowy Owls Favorite Perch?