School of Science and Medicine Faculty & Staff

Alex Adams

Affiliate Faculty

Daniel Chi-Wei Chen

Assistant Professor

Phone: 906-635-2155

CRW 330

PhD 2014 National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
MS 2006 National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan
BS 2004 National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan

Courses Taught: Applied chemistry, Biochemistry

Hannah Clause

Assistant Professor

Phone: 906-635-2156

CRW 320

PhD 2021, Michigan State University
MS 2020, Michigan State University
BS 2016, Campbell University

Courses taught: Analytical chemistry, general chemistry

Barbara Evans


Deidre Furlich

Laboratory Scientist

Phone: 906-635-2819

CRW lab

BS 2016, Lake Superior State University

Jason Garvon


Phone: 906-635-2471

CRW 228

PhD 2005, Texas A&M University – Kingsville/Texas A&M University
MS 2001, Northern Michigan University
BS 1998, Northern Michigan University

Courses taught: General Chemistry, Parasitology, Wildlife management, Ornithology

Martha Hutchens

Associate Professor

Phone: 906-635-2806

CRW 218

PhD 2008, University of Michigan
BS 2003, Michigan State University

Courses taught: Microbiology, Virology, Mycology, Clinical Microbiology


Alexei Iretski


Phone: 906-635-2045

CRW 316

PhD 1984, St. Petersburg Institute of Technology, Russia
BS 1981, St. Petersburg Institute of Technology, Russia

Courses taught: General Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry

Michelle Jarvie

Laboratory Scientist

Phone: 906-635-2232

CRW 223

EdD 2023, Capella University
MS 2005, Michigan Technological University
BS 2001, Michigan Technological University


Steven Johnson

Associate Professor, Dean of College of Science and Environment

Phone: 906-635-6236

CRW 236-B

PhD 2010, Michigan Technological University
BS 2002, Northern Michigan University

Courses taught: General Chemistry, Forensic Science, Biochemistry, Advanced Biochemical and Molecular Techniques

Jun Li


Phone: 906-635-2094

CRW 220

PhD 2002, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
MS 1995, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Science
BS 1992, Wuhan University

Courses taught: Virology, General biology, Freshwater fish aquaculture, Immunology, Histology, Ecology of Animal diseases, histopathology, Principles of animal biology and health

Hari Kandel

Assistant Professor

Phone: 906-635-2618

CRW 321

PhD 2015, Florida International University
MS 2010, Bowling Green State University
BS 2007, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Courses taught: GIS, Geospatial Analysis, Remote Sensing & Spatial Stats, Environmental Science


Barbara Keller

Professor Emeritus

PhD 1995, Montana State University
BS 1987, Chemistry, Idaho State University
BS 1977, Medical Technology, Idaho State University

Courses previously taught: Applied chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Instrumental analysis

Paul Kelso


Phone 906-635-2158

CRW 323

PhD 1993, University of Minnesota
MA 1990, University of Minnesota
BS 1986, Lake Superior State College

Courses taught: Geology, Structural Geology Systems

Stephen Kolomyjec

Associate Professor

Phone 906-635-2147

CRW 212

PhD 2011, James Cook University
Graduate diploma 2003, James Cook University
BA 2005, Olivet College

Courses taught: Genetics, mammology, general biology, wildlife ecology, animal behavior, vertebrate anatomy

Jack Miles

Science Laboratory Coordinator


R. Adam Mosey


Phone: 906-635-2284

CRW 326

Ph.D. 2010, Michigan State University
BS 2003, Northern Michigan University

Courses taught: Organic Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Cannabis Plant Prep Chemical Analysis,

David Myton

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D 1991, Portland State University
MS 1991, Portland State University
BS 1980, George Fox College

Courses previously taught: Analytical chemistry, general chemistry


Thu Nguyen

Associate Professor

Phone: 906-635-2165

CRW 318

PhD 2011, Michigan State University
BS 2003, College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University

Courses taught: Organic chemistry, Survey of Organic Chemistry, Applied Organic and Biochemistry, Introduction to Forensic Science, Chemistry Seminar, Biochemistry, General Chemistry

Nalaka Ranasinghage

Assistant Professor

Phone: 906-635-2134

CRW 324

PhD 2010 Kent State University
2001, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
BS 1995, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Courses taught: Field Data Methods, Stratigraphy and sedimentation, Geology,

Britton Ranson Olson


Phone: 906-635-2157

CRW 214

PhD 2007, Oakland University
2001, Michigan Technological University
BS 1999, Lake Superior State University

Courses taught: Anatomy and Physiology, Clinical microbiology, Advanced cell and molecular biology


Benjamin Southwell

Associate Professor

Phone: 906-635-2076

CRW 314

MS 2013, Central Michigan University
BS 2004, Lake Superior State University

Courses taught: Cannabis Chemistry, Introduction to Forensic Science, Cannabis Plant Prep Chemical Analysis, Cannabis Separations Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, Cannabis Seminar

Matthew Spencer

Assistant Professor

Phone: 906-635-2085

CRW 247A

PhD 2005, Pennsylvania State University
1999, Pennsylvania State University
BS 1994, Lake Superior State University

Courses taught: Physics, Astronomy

Derek Wright


Phone: 906-635-2628

CRW 315

Faculty website

PhD 2008, Rutgers University
BS 2001, Lake Superior State University

Courses taught: Environmental Science, Human Impacts on Environment, Fate & Transport

Mark Zierden

Assistant Professor

Phone: 906-635-2089

CRW 317

Faculty Website

PhD 2016, Temple University
BS 2010, Stockton University

Courses taught: Applied Chemistry, General Chemistry, Advanced Biochemical Molecular Techniques,

Gregory Zimmerman


Phone: 906-635-2470

CRW 213

PhD 1987, Colorado State University
MS 1981, Oklahoma State University
MS 1983, North Dakota State University
BS 1977, Fort Hays State University

Courses taught: General Ecology, Plant Science, Protected Horticulture, Biostatistics, Food/Ecology Systems