The Kenneth J. Shouldice Library welcomes gifts that fall within the scope of its collection development policy. The same criteria used for the purchase of new material is applied when gifts are reviewed. In both cases the decision is based upon the demands, present and anticipated, of the University teaching and research programs.

Gifts are accepted with the understanding that once received they are owned by the library which reserves the right to determine their retention, location, cataloging treatment, etc. Placing restrictions on the use or disposition of gifts is contrary to the library mission of maximum accessibility of library resources, and gifts will not be accepted under those conditions. If it is necessary to decline a gift, alternative recipients are suggested whenever possible.

Types of Gifts Welcomed

Gifts which enhance the collection and are therefore likely to be added to the library collection include the following:

  • Material which supports the University curriculum.
  • Local or state historical material.
  • Material which may be used for research.
  • Duplicates of highly used items.
  • Special Collection material.

Gifts which receive low priority for inclusion into the library collection are:

  • Foreign language material which does not support the foreign language curriculum.
  • Religious or spiritual literature with limited curricular or research potential.
  • Older editions of monographs already in the collection.
  • Duplicate copies of rarely used items.
  • Mass market paperbacks.
  • Incomplete series or collections of a set, especially when there is little likelihood of receiving or purchasing the remainder of the series or set.
  • Outdated textbooks.
  • Serials or periodicals to which the library does not subscribe.


Appraisals of gifts for income tax purposes are the responsibility of the donor. Although library staff may not appraise gifts, they can direct donors to information on appraising and suggest professional appraisers. Donors may wish to discuss prospective donations and appraisals with their attorneys.

How To Make A Donation

Potential donors should contact Mary M. June at 906-635-2862 to discuss the gift and to determine whether or not it is appropriate for the library. A list of titles being donated should be submitted to assist with the decision-making process and at times it may be necessary to examine the gift before acceptance. Gifts that have been reviewed and accepted can be delivered to the library accompanied by a completed “Gift Form.” Contact Mary M. June to obtain the gift form.

Acknowledgment of gifts is made by the LSSU Foundation upon receipt of the donor gift form. Gift plates acknowledging donors are placed in each donated item. Designated memorials are included on gift plates.

Monetary Gifts

Monetary donations to the library general acquisitions account or for the purchase of materials on a particular subject are welcomed. For information on making contributions to the unrestricted book endowment account or on establishing a restricted endowment account, contact the LSSU Foundation at 906-635-2665.