Spring 2020 SAP Policy-Due to COVID-19

For Spring 2020 ONLY:

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) will be reviewed as normal during the Spring 2020 semester. Please review SAP policies and requirements here.

Pass/Fail Courses:

These courses are counted in the total number of attempted hours. When a course is successfully completed, the credits are added to the total number of earned credits hours but the Pass grade is not included in the GPA calculation. Pass/Fail grades will not affect GPA, but also won’t help increase current GPA. Students must still meet Satisfactory Academic Progress after each semester to maintain Financial Aid eligibility, which includes maintaining a 2.0 cumulative GPA and earning 67% of all your attempted credits.

Accelerated Appeal Process:

Any student that is suspended after the Spring 2020 semester and was affected by COVID-19, will be required to submit an Academic Plan, signed by their academic advisor, to the Financial Aid Office. This will satisfy all appeal requirements for SAP. The Financial Aid Office will contact students within 1-2 weeks with appeal outcome and requirements, if any.

Students who are readmitting to LSSU, who were not enrolled during the Spring 2020 semester and were previously suspended, must complete the full appeal process and submit their appeal to the Financial Aid Committee for approval.

Renewable Scholarships:

Effective for Spring 2020 semester ONLY: Scholarship renewal criteria will be waived after the Spring 2020 semester. If students have a renewable scholarship, have not graduated, or the scholarship has not expired it will automatically roll to the next academic year. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) must still be met to receive any aid, including, but not limited to, Athletic aid, TIP, and scholarships.