2024-2025 Transfer Student Scholarships

Eligible student must be entering LSSU for the first time as a full-student (12 credit hours or more). Students who have not attended a college/university for 2 or more years are not eligible for scholarship consideration. Awards are based on the cumulative GPA earned at all schools prior to start of the first LSSU semester, with a minimum of 12 earned college credits and a maximum of 124 transferred college credits at any combination of other accredited schools.

Eligibility for renewal is based on number of transferred credits prior to LSSU and provided the recipient meets the University’s Scholarship Renewal Criteria.

  • Senior (88+ credits) = Two semesters of eligibility
  • Junior (56-87 credits) = Four semesters of eligibility
  • Freshman/Sophomore (12-56 credits) = Six semesters of eligibility

Scholarship criteria is reviewed each year and subject to change. Scholarships are described here as awarded for 2023-24.

Admission Scholarships

Board of Trustee Scholarships

GPAAnnual Amount
Academic Excellence3.50-3.74$4,000

Phi Theta Kappa Award

  • Value: $1,000/year
  • Criteria: Members transferring directly to LSSU with a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA. Must submit proof or membership.

Full Tuition Scholarship

Sen. Philip A. Hart Memorial Scholarship

A Scholarship Opportunity for Outstanding Admitted Students to Compete to Receive a Full-Tuition Scholarship

To Philip A. Hart, U.S. Democratic Senator from Michigan, 1958-1976, politics was a public trust that earned him the honorific title of “conscience of the Senate.” He considered politics the noble art of governing and viewed governing as the collective way to build a better future. Education, the environment, civil rights, and economic opportunities for all were his causes. Just prior to his death from cancer in 1976, he requested a single memorial—at Lake Superior State University, because it was close to his Mackinac Island home and because its students often are the first in their families to attend college and typically need financial assistance to do so. In a state with many large public colleges and universities, he chose a small but mighty campus that matched his ideals of equality, access, and service.

The Sen. Philip A. Hart Memorial Scholarship is a full-tuition, renewable scholarship that will be awarded annually to up to three Michigan residents—whether new first time incoming students or transfer students from another Michigan college or university—with a minimum 3.0 GPA and whose principles and goals reflect his. Selection is based on academic achievement and demonstrated interest in public service through leadership roles and volunteer activities. 

The application deadline: March 1, 2024

Applicants may apply by completing the following three steps via an online form:

1) Convey their interest in public service and leadership (e.g., at school, in the community, with a house of worship) through what they have done and/or what they hope to do by answering through one of the following methods:

  • Written response of 250 words or less
  • Video of 60 seconds or less
  • Any other short artistic expression that is upload-able to the Sen. Hart Memorial Scholarship application

2) Submit the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of three references from a school, community, or house of worship leader who can attest to their public service and leadership activities.

3) Submit a copy of their most current school transcript.