Winter Term 2023

LSSU is offering a short semester, 4 weeks between the fall and spring semester, to make it possible to complete the same course with the same quality of instruction, but on a shorter schedule.  Courses offered will fulfill general education requirements. These courses will be offered as online instruction.

Advantages of the Winter Term:

  • Accelerate graduation
  • Keep up momentum
  • Take advantage of time off
  • Boost your academic standing

What you need to know about Financial Aid for the Winter Term:

  • There is NO Federal or State financial aid available for this term
  • Only LIMITED Institutional aid is eligible
  • Scholarships are not available to be used during this term

Aid programs that are available for the Winter Term:

  • Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver
  • Employee Dependent Discount
  • Limited Alternative Loans
  • Other 3rd party aid sources

Costs for the Winter Term 2023:

  • $388/credit hour up to 12 credits
  • $4,656 flat rate for 12-16 credits
  • $100 distance education fee per course
  • Possible Program, Special Course, and other fees

For more information on tuition and fees, please click here.

For important dates and deadlines for the Winter Term 2023, please click here.