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Hypnotist Dale K August 27th, 9:00 PM until 10:00 PM
Organization Activities Board

Join us for this seriously funny hypnosis show! LSSU Activities Board features Dale K, live in the Arts Center. Hollywood's fabricated theory of hypnosis usually involves lightning bolts, zombie-like trances and humans clucking like chickens. Dale challenges these theories proving that hypnosis is simply the power of suggestion that consists of mind motivation¯ rather than mind control¯. Using his creative abilities and abstract sense of humor, Dale K produces hypnosis events that are professional, unconventional and always hilarious. Free for students! Bring your roommate and your friends for this gut-busting performance. Volunteers will be asked for participation, limited spots available in show! For more information on Dale K, check out Event open to LSSU students ONLY!

Location Arts Center Auditorium
Contact Sharmay Wood

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August 2015


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