Redefining the Classroom

Career Options

  • Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) are medical experts that practice within six domains

    • Prevention of Athletic Injuries
    • Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis
    • Immediate Care
    • Treatment Rehabilitation and Reconditioning
    • Organization and Administration
    • Professional Responsibility

    These duties require extensive knowledge and strong decision-making skills obtained through the Certified Athletic Trainer's experience and education.

    There are many career options available

    • Colleges and Universities - ATCs in this setting may provide health care services to student-athletes, teach in an athletic training education programs or a combination of these duties.

    • Professional Sports - In this setting, ATCs provide athletic health care services for professional athletes involved with one sports organization.

    • Sports Medicine Clinics - This growing setting provides ATCs the opportunity to work with a number of different health care professionals and a diverse patient population. In addition to athletic injury rehabilitation, many clinics provide athletic training services for secondary schools.

    • Secondary Schools - Private and public secondary schools offer special job opportunities for ATCs. Many ATCs teach classes as well as providing health care services to the student-athletes. Other possible athletic training employment opportunities include corporate health programs, health clubs, clinical and industrial health care programs and athletic training education programs.

    • Furthering your career in Graduate School - The Athletic Training Education Program at LSSU can be used to meet the pre-requisite requirements for entrance into Physical Therapy School.  This can be done with some minor modifications to the student's course of study.  In fact, many students have used the Athletic Training Education Program to succeed in Physical Therapy school. 

    • Furthering your career in Graduate School - The Athletic Training Education Program at LSSU has prepared many students to secure a graduate assisstantship (GA) position. To earn a GA, the student must first be accepted into graduate school and a course of study. The GA may be working with an athletic team or teams, teaching courses or collaborating on research projects with a faculty member. These GA positions are typically paid positions.

    "Participating in the athletic training program at LSSU prepared me for physical therapy school by exposing me to the field of injury evaluation, prevention, rehabilitation and the use of modalities in the training room and in various physical therapy clinics. The LSSU athletic training program education provided me with a strong base of knowledge and I was ahead of most of my classmates in graduate school in the fields of anatomy, physiology and movement science. In physical therapy school, those that were certified athletic trainers did not have to take a modalities course and actually assisted in teaching the class. I would highly recommend an undergraduate degree in sports medicine/ athletic training from LSSU to anyone planning on attending graduate school in the health care field. The program provided me with outstanding learning opportunities, strong classroom preparation and excellent on the job training."

    A. Jake Neukom MPT ATC CMPT
    Director of Rehabilitation
    Hillsdale Community Health Center

  • Athletic Training Medical Service Program

    We strive to provide the highest quality health care services to our student-athletes.  LSSU sponsors a weekly physician's clinic with our team physicians visiting campus to diagnosis and treat the Laker student-athletes as quickly as possible.  We also work closely with our campus Health Care Center to provide the healthcare services that our athletes need to compete within the CCHA and the GLIAC.  We have a dedicated staff of ATC's and physicians who strive to provide quality health care.

      "LSSU prepared me well for a career in outpatient physical therapy as well as high school sport coverage. The small class sizes, a welcoming atmosphere, and the opportunity to learn in several different environments are some of the strong points of a Lake State education. Students emerge from the program with versatility, confidence, and knowledge that will rival that of larger schools. I enjoyed the program and continue to enjoy contact with the staff and alumni. I recommend the program to any student who enjoys critical thinking, problem solving, athletics, being around people, and a comfortable, hometown atmosphere."

      Nikki Harrer
      LSSU Athletic Training graduate