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Alum Success

Tyler graduated from Saline High School in Saline, Michigan. He has been an active leader at Anchorhouse Christian Fellowship. He completed his senior research on the use of microreactors to produce pharmaceutical precursors. He was the recipient of a GRO Fellowship for Undergraduates sponsored by the EPA. Tyler completed a summer working in Cinncinati for the EPA's National Risk Management Research Laboratory, and spent a summer in San Francisco with the American Chemical Society's Nuclear Summer School. Tyler will be pursuing his PhD at Washington State University in the Fall.

Tyler O'Dell
2010 Outstanding Graduate

Fine Arts Studies


This degree will prepare you for further studies in professional schools specializing in fine arts training; for employment in the rapidly expanding arts, entertainment and communication industries; or to apply your enhanced talents as working artists.

  • Fine Arts Professional — Prepares you for working as a managing director of a department of music, arts, theater or performance.
  • Teacher of Fine Arts — Develops courses, maintains studios and supplies, teaches in elementary or secondary education fields or community theaters.
  • Arts Entrepreneur — Performs as a musician; is active in the performing arts and theater; and creates and sells crafts and paintings.
  • Arts Organization Staff — Plans, designs and implements programs and services; assists with administering programs, cultural events and art galleries.
  • Marketing/Design — Works on publications, displays, annual exhibitions, educational programs, craft fairs, galleries, museums and sales.




Professor Deborah Choszczyk

"My hope is that through our dance education outreach program, young children will come to realize there are and used to be many different cultures. If live dance makes learning more real, gets kids up and moving, helps them to appreciate and respect differences, and provides a positive dance experience, I have helped educate the next generation by bringing history and the arts to them."

--Deborah Choszczyk

Professor Deborah Choszczyk teaches dance at LSSU and directs the LSSU Dance Company. Choszczyk uses her dance company for outreach into Michigan and northern Ontario schools. Ancient Egyptian dance was her undergraduate senior thesis project at Alma College. It forms the centerpiece of her outreach program.

Reaching Out

I love LSSU Dance Company. Being part of the Dance Company gave me an opportunity to make new friends and be involved in campus and community activities. We participate in such a wide variety of events that go way beyond dancing. I personally enjoy programs that allow us to introduce dance to young children. The smiles, hugs, and high-fives are priceless. There is something very special about being part of a campus organization that is really focused on giving back to the community while doing what we love.

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