Redefining the Classroom


Dance Program Options

  1. Dance Minor - 21 credits.  The Dance Minor is obtainable for all students.
  2. Fine Arts Studies – Dance Concentration – 21 credits. 
  3. Dance credits are open to all students and may be taken for credit toward the dance minor, or as electives.

List of Courses in Dance Program

  • Ballet I, II, and III
  • Modern I and II
  • Social Dance
  • Scottish Highland Dance
  • Musical Theatre – Tap/Jazz
  • Creative Movement for Elementary Educators
  • Movement for Actors
  • Dance History
  • Choreography
  • Dance Company
  • Senior Thesis
  • Advanced Dance Studies

All students are welcome to take dance classes to:

  • Satisfy course requirements
  • Learn a new skill
  • Meet great people
  • Perform
  • Minor in dance
  • Major in Fine Arts with dance concentration

All ability levels welcome! Our dance program is comprehensive, challenging and ever-changing to meet the needs of our students. Our mission is to enthusiastically and passionately bring the art of dance to students of all abilities and interest levels. This process will include providing students with encouraging opportunities to create and develop artistically, intellectually and physically. Success is measured and evident as students find their potential in the classroom, in performance, and in our community through dance education outreach and performance. In order to support the general population of students at LSSU, the dance program is designed to meet student's educational and recreational goals, which include practical application and support of their major career goals.

Dance Mission/Vision/Goals


To enthusiastically share the art of dance with students of all abilities. To provide each student opportunities to create and develop artistically, intellectually and physically; to perform. To guide students in finding their physical voice gaining self confidence, self-esteem and empowerment.


To make LSSU a practical choice for dance education by offering relative dance classes to all students.


  • To give every student the resources to explore the art of dance.
  • To create a strong, reputable dance program that supports the university community, and our local community.
  • That our dance company serves as a nucleus for training and educating and as university ambassadors in Outreach Programs, functions and performances.

Why Study At LSSU

The Arts Center

The Department of Fine and Performing Arts is housed in LSSU's state-of-the-art, newly constructed Arts Center, in addition to classrooms and dedicated studio space. The Arts Center holds a 674-seat auditorium, a "black box" performance space, art gallery, and orchestra and dance recital space.

Opportunities for Non-Majors

Interested in the fine arts, but don't necessarily want to commit to it as a major or a career? At LSSU non-majors are welcome to take classes from the Fine Arts Department, audition for a theater production, dance recital, or other creative showcase.

Lake State Theater

LSSU's Theater Department puts on a full season of shows and productions. The main stage Fall and Spring shows give our students the opportunity to perform in large-scale productions. Students with all levels of experience are welcomed to audition. Students can earn credit by participating in performance or backstage!

LSSU Theater also hosts several experimental productions each year like a readers theatre, original play festivals, and improv events- where student playwrights, These performances are open to students and the SSM community.

LSSU Fine Arts

Fine art is a mix of technical prowess, critical analysis and conceptual training. That's why at LSSU, students investigate art through a learning-centered approach, with technical demonstrations, critiques and exposure to a wide array of media. LSSU offers drawing, painting, and 3-D studio courses, allowing students to gain an in-depth understanding of fine art.

LSSU's Art Club allows students to explore aspects of their art or learn more about art in general. The club is open to any who are interested in the visual arts. This student-run club discovers new ways to incorporate art into the LSSU community and learn about art through various activities.

LSSU Dance Program & Dance Company

The LSSU Dance Program is designed to bring the art of dance to students of all ability and interest levels, while helping students reach their educational, recreational and career goals. Pursue the Dance Minor/Fine Arts Major, perform in one of our bi-annual dance concerts, or audition for the Dance Company and serve as a dance education outreach ambassador.

We would like to welcome 4 new members to the company, Caitlin Crum, Paige King, Kyle Lester, Albert Jones, and returning LSSU graduate and former LSSU Dance Company member Kitty Drockton.

They are joining existing members Beth Antonello, Jenna Perry, Anna Lehman, Susan Drockton, Kelsi Moher, Michaela Cook, and Kayla Price. Brielle Smith is still working at Disney and will be rejoining the company in January. The Dance Company is presently preparing for several dance events and fund raisers to support our local community and the dance program including this years Festival of Trees set

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