Redefining the Classroom

The Fisheries & Wildlife Management program places a strong emphasis on understanding relationships between organisms and their habitats by blending a conceptual understanding of fish and wildlife ecology and population dynamics with practical skills obtained during laboratory and field exercises. Students graduating from this rigorous, applied curriculum can enjoy careers with natural resource management agencies as technicians or biologists.

Why Student Choose LSSU

Separate concentrations in Fisheries Management and Wildlife Management are designed for those students who have an overriding interest in either field. These concentrations provide both breadth and depth in your area of interest while still allowing room for several elective courses. When you complete the required courses for either of these concentrations you will have satisfied all educational requirements for certification by either the American Fisheries Society or The Wildlife Society.


"Prior to my time at Lake State, my professors rarely learned students’ names and my classes often felt impersonal.  I didn’t realize how important that faculty interaction could be until I spent a few weeks here.  The personal attention is motivating, often pushing me to work harder than I would have otherwise."

-Benjamin Turschak, '10


  • Career Choices with This Program
  • Research Biologist
  • Fisheries Technician/Biologist
  • Wildlife Technician/Biologist
  • Zoo or Nature Center Staf
  • Private Consultant