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Alum Success

Chris and has been active in the Geology Club and completed two intensive field camps. He has left already to start his graduate program at the University of Nevada in Reno with research in structural controls related to geothermal energy in association with the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology.

Christopher Dankoff
2010 Outstanding Graduate


Interpret the movements of the continents; understand the formation of mineral deposits, oil gas and coal; attempt to predict natural disasters
Faculty and Staff
Do you . . .
Paul Kelso

Paul Kelso

Professor, Geology
BS 1986, Lake Superior State College
MA 1990, PhD 1993, University of Minnesota


Matt Spencer

Matt Spencer

Assistant Professor, Geology
Ph.D. 2005, Penn State University


Donna White

Donna White

Department Secretary (II)




  • like the outdoors?
  • like to travel?
  • like to use computers?
  • enjoy meeting interesting people all over the world?
  • want to be involved in resource management and protecting the environment?
  • enjoy applying science and mathematics to understanding earth issues?
  • enjoy reconstructing the earth's history?
  • like the challenge of finding new resources?

Conodont Research...

Alex Zimmerman

Under Lew’s direction, Alex conducted the research by identifying project specimens. Alex then assisted in interpreting the results and writing the first draft of an abstract for a scientific conference presentation. [ more ]

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