Current Degree Audits (effective 2012)

Two semesters before you plan to complete degree requirements and graduate, you must submit a degree audit for each major and minor, and a Graduation Application to the Registrar’s Office. The necessary forms may be downloaded from this page and are also available at the Dean’s office. The Degree Audit for your major or minor specifies all required courses that have been or must be completed. The audit must be signed by the chair of the school or department offering the major or minor program. Course substitutions and waivers of departmental degree program requirements may be granted only by the chair and approved by the dean of the college offering the major or minor program. You may not be listed in the commencement program unless your Degree Candidacy Form is filed with the assistant to the provost six weeks prior to commencement.

Current degree audits can be found below. Historical degree audits can be made available upon request. If you would like advice on degree programs, please contact an advisor.

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