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Loan/Cost Estimator Tool

NOTE: Our Net Price Calculator can be found by clicking here.

Instructions: To estimate your total costs, complete the form below. Items in the yellow boxes are required. If you do not have a value to enter, you can enter a zero.

Tutition Rate: 
Housing Plan: 

ESTIMATED Total Year Cost $

  Fall Spring Year
Enter estimated costs per semester:
Tuition $ $ $
On-Campus Room and Board (Standard room) $ $ $
Estimated Off-Campus Room and Board Expenses (If living off-campus, enter expenses) $ $ $
Estimated Extra Fees $ $ $
Estimated Books $ $ $
Total Estimated Year Cost of Attendance $ $ $
Enter your Scholarships/Grants awards per semester:
LSSU Scholarships (Board of Trustees Scholarship Calculator - opens in new window) $ $ $
Grants $ $ $
Private Scholarships $ $ $
Total Scholarships/Grants $ $ $
Enter the amount you are going to pay out-of-pocket per semester:
Cash payments $ $ $
Total Gift Aid/Cash $ $ $
Enter the Student Loans you are taking out per semester:
Federal Perkins Loan $ $ $
Federal Nursing Loan $ $ $
Federal Direct Student Loan - subsidized $ $ $
Federal Direct Student Loan - unsubsidized $ $ $
Total Loans $ $ $
Total Estimated Financial Assistance $ $ $
Estimated Balance Needed: $ $ $

     ESTIMATED Balance Needed for Year $

If you can pay your balance needed for the year within one year, your best option is the LSSU Monthly Payment Plan - The University is offering a monthly payment plan for educational expenses. The plan consists of a $120.00 service fee for the year ($60 per semester).

If you wish to borrow money with extended payment terms, the best option would be the Federal Parent Plus Loan for dependent students.

Other options for alternative loans are available.

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