2019 First Robotics Competition at Lake State

Forty High School Teams from Across Michigan Compete at a FIRST Robotics Competition District Event at Lake Superior State University on March 24-25

2019 First Robotics Competition at Lake State

Team 4377 Boyne City; pondering Orin Hulbert; LSSU senior project Team CIRA students Trevor Simons (blue shirt), Preston Fairchild (gray), FIRST Robotics, Engineering, Taffy Abel Arena, Cooper Gym

Forty high school teams from across the state of Michigan will gather at Lake Superior State University to participate in a FIRST Robotics Competition district event on March 24-25, 2023, vying in the ultimate sport for the mind. This marks the first time that LSSU has hosted the event since 2019.

In the FIRST Robotics Competition, high school students design, build, and program robots for a series of challenging contests that test their robots’ abilities. Students work together in teams, applying their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and math to create innovative solutions to real-world problems. The competition is intended to inspire students to pursue careers in STEM fields and develop important life skills, such as teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving.

“We are thrilled to host this exciting event at Lake Superior State University,” said LSSU President Dr. Rodney S. Hanley. “As a leader in STEM education and with a 30-year history of robotics, computer science, and automation, we are committed to providing opportunities for young people to explore and develop their skills.”

“We are excited to welcome the teams to our campus and showcase the innovative work they have done,” said Dr. Kimberly Muller, dean of the College of Innovation and Solutions. “I would like to thank our many sponsors that have made the event possible.”

The event, which takes place in the James Norris Center, is free and open to the public.

The full schedule can be found at https://firstinmichigan.us/FRC/milsu/.

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