Redefining the Classroom

Gateway to the World

International Business is the gateway to the new age in business administration. As the world becomes more and more connected, small business and large business owners alike are growing increasingly aware of what it means to compete in a global marketplace. The International Business program at Lake Superior State University is here to help set you apart in a crowd of individuals who are unsure of how to tackle cultural barriers and step into foreign markets without missing a beat. LSSU is connected to more than 84 universities from around the globe!

Why Students Choose LSSU

  • Class Size: A typical LSSU international business class has 7-20 students enrolled, allowing a personal leaning experience.
  • Online Learning: LSSU offers international business courses online during the fall, spring and summer semesters.
  • Internship Opportunities: Student will have the opportunity to intern with companies outside the US or companies that are located in the US and are engaged in international business activities.
  • Study Abroad: A study abroad experience is strongly encouraged for International Business students. LSSU's International Business program is connected to 84 universities around the globe. LSSU provides credit for courses taken at universities abroad.
  • Major Field Test Results: LSSU International Business students score in the top 25% of undergraduate business students in the country with their international business knowledge.

Korea to U.S. Business Owner

Kim Muir, a 1994 alumna of Lake Superior State University and president/owner of Can’t Skate, Can’t Play, Inc., talks about her journey from Korea to becoming a successful U.S. business owner. Her talk was the latest installment in LSSU’s BE Inspired Series, sponsored by the LSSU College of Business and Engineering. Muir graduated from LSSU’s pre-med program and has owned her power skating instruction firm for more than 20 years. More than 50 of her students currently play in the National Hockey League, with an equal number playing in the minor leagues. Fresh from working with the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes, she was in Sault Ste. Marie to instruct the Laker hockey team and Sault Greyhounds.


A major in international business is intended to develop a student’s ability to meet the challenges of the global business environment. In addition to providing the fundamental foundations of all business functional areas, the major teaches the student to identify and develop appropriate solutions to situations that are unique to conducting business in the global environment. The international business major provides the student with an understanding of international business by providing upper-level courses in international economics, international marketing, cultural differences, politics and foreign languages. Students will also participate in an approved international experience which will involve either study abroad, work experiences, or internships.

The Lukenda School of Business at Lake Superior State University has been granted initial accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), a leading accreditation association in business education.

Highest Honors

The Lake Superior State University Lukenda School of Business inducted 26 students into the business honor society Sigma Beta Delta during the spring semester. The honor society, considered to be one of the highest forms of national recognition a business student can achieve, is open to juniors and seniors who are selected based on their class ranking and school involvement. Members must rank in the upper 20 percent of the junior, senior or master’s level class and are invited to join by the faculty officers. The purposes of Sigma Beta Delta are to encourage and recognize scholarship and achievement among students of business, management, and administration, and to encourage and promote personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.

Career Choices

The following list of interesting and exciting careers provides a small window into the opportunities available today.

  • Entrepreneur: Just like the locally-based entrepreneur, this career encompasses the ability to build and market an idea that can sell internationally. Many entrepreneurs can find mentorships and financial support if their idea is marketed in the right circles.
  • Export/import managers make arrangements for and oversee import and export of goods across international borders. Knowledge about transportation systems, cost-effective measures and legalities of imported and exported goods is required.
  • Franchise opportunities also offer a way for the entrepreneur to move into international markets. A franchise purchase requires knowledge about the country involved as well as its laws and its culture. Many franchises offer instruction in handling an international franchise successfully.
  • Marketing specialists promote and market products and services to foreign customers and governments, and/or in developing marketing plans to encourage foreign investments.
  • Product managers work with one or more country product managers to discover the areas that must be configurable to meet the needs of the different geographies, users, applicable laws and payment mechanisms.
  • Purchasing managers buy a vast array of farm products, durable and nondurable goods, and services for companies and institutions. They attempt to get the best deal for their company, or the highest quality goods and services at the lowest possible cost.
  • Sales analysts are responsible for the collection, analysis and reporting of sales-related data in an effort to increase overall sales productivity.

Lake Superior State University taught me to be a life-long learner

"LSSU is a toolbox filled with every tool you need to succeed. Classes are the wrenches, organizations are the bolts, and the people are the nuts that hold everything together. You need ALL of them to build a strong foundation to a successful career after graduation.

Managing at Sam's Club offers me the opportunity to learn merchandising strategies, gives me managerial experience to keep a $100M business's operations running soundly on a strong foundation, grants me marketing experience to grow our membership base by developing business relationships with entrepreneurs and family members, while giving me endless opportunities for career advancement."

--Michael Barrett
International Business & Management, 2012