Redefining the Classroom

Faculty and Staff

  • Thomas Allan, Ph.D.

    Thomas Allan, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor
    B.S. 1973, Central Michigan University
    M.S. 1978, Michigan Technological University
    Ph.D. 1984, University of Maine

    Distinguished Teaching Award (2009)

    Barbara I. Evans, Ph.D

    Barbara I. Evans, Ph.D.

    B.Sc. 1980 University of Ottawa, Canada
    Ph.D. 1986 University of Kansas

    Jason Garvon, Ph.D

    Jason Garvon, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor
    B.S. 1998, Northern Michigan University
    M.S. 2001, Northern Michigan University
    Ph.D. 2005, Texas A&M University - Kingsville/Texas A&M University

    Neal Godby, Jr.

    Neal Godby, Jr.

    Adjunct Professor
    Senior Fisheries Biologist, Michigan DNR
    B.S. 1994, University of Michigan
    M..S. 2000, University of Michigan

    Sheri Glowinski, Ph.D

    Sheri Glowinski, Ph.D

    Assistant Professor
    B.A. 2001, Northeastern Illinois University
    Ph.D. 2013, University of Southern Mississippi

    Roger Greil

    Aquatic Research Lab Manager
    AD 1988, Lake Superior State University

    Martha Hutchens, Ph.D

    Martha Hutchens, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor
    B.S. 2003, Michigan State University
    Ph.D. 2008, University of Michigan

    Kevin Kapuscinski

    Kevin Kapuscinski, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor
    B.S. 1999, University of Wisconsin
    M.S. 2002, University of Wisconsin
    Ph.D., 2011, State University of New York

    Nancy Kirkpatrick, Ph.D

    Nancy Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

    B.S. 1972, Miami University
    M.S. 1979, Ph.D. 1993, Miami University-Oxford, OH

    Faculty and staff with Lake Superior State University's biology and chemistry departments pose with an enlarged cover of the Journal of Great Lakes Research, published by the International Association for Great Lakes Research. Behind them is the International Bridge that spans the St. Mary's River and the US-Canadian border. This special issue of the Journal dealt exclusively with the ecology of the St. Mary's River, and was co-edited by biology professor Ashley Moerke and chemistry professor Marshall Werner. It features ten papers about the river, eight of which are authored by nine LSSU students and ten faculty and staff. Four papers received awards at the 2012 IAGLR meeting in Cornwall, Ont., for being the top 25 most cited in 2011. From left are authors Barb Keller, dean of the College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences; chemist Ben Southwell, manager of LSSU's Environmental Analysis Laboratory; biology professor Greg Zimmerman; Marshall Werner; Ashley Moerke, who is also co-director of LSSU's Aquatic Research Laboratory; and Roger Greil, Aquatic Research Laboratory manager.

  • Jun Li, Ph.D

    Jun Li, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor
    B.S. 1992, Wichan University
    M.S. 1995, Institute of Hydobiology
    Ph.D. 2002, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Dennis Merkel, Ph.D

    Dennis Merkel, Ph.D.

    B.S. 1977, MS 1983, State University of New York-Syracuse
    Ph.D. 1988, Michigan State University

    Ashley Moerke, Ph.D

    Ashley Moerke, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor
    B.S. 1996, University of Minnesota Duluth
    M.S. 2000, Ph.D. 2004, University of Notre Dame

    President’s Council of State Universities of Michigan Distinguished Professor (2014)
    Distinguished Teaching Award (2012)
    Excellence in Advising  (2011)

    Britton D. Ranson-Olson, Ph.D

    Britton D. Ranson-Olson, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor
    B.S. 1999, Lake Superior State University
    M.S. 2001, Michigan Technological University
    Ph.D. 2007 Oakland University

    John Roese, Ph.D

    John Roese, Ph.D.

    B.S.F 1982, MS 1984, Stephen F. Austin State University
    Ph.D. 1989, Texas A & M University
    Certified Wildlife Biologist

    Donna White

    Academic Assistant

    Jessic Wesolek

    Jessica Wesolek

    Biology Laboratory Technician

    Gregory Zimmerman, Ph.D

    Gregory Zimmerman, Ph.D.

    Head, Department of Biological Sciences
    B.S. 1977, Fort Hays State University
    M.S. 1981, Oklahoma State University
    M.S. 1983, North Dakota State University
    Ph.D. 1987, Colorado State University

    "I have a number of projects I do that through the Binational Public Advisory Council that involve addressing local environmental concerns in the St. Marys River. It's not just academics, but also working with the community on real, current concerns. I rely on students to do a lot of that work. They have taken on responsibilities beyond what a typical undergrad would do. As a result, they've left here with very impressive resumes that helped them secure jobs in that field."

    --Greg Zimmerman

    The senior thesis is the capstone experience for all students in the School of Biological Sciences at LSSU. Students choose a topic, design a study, collect and analyze the data, write a scientific paper and present the information to the university community and interested members of the public. Projects typically take 2 years for the students to design and complete, and often address practical issues of local biological and environmental concerns. Students work on these projects, as professional scientists, in conjuction with a faculty mentor.