Redefining the Classroom

Lake Superior State University provides an excellent opportunity to study geology. Located on the edge of the Canadian Shield and Michigan Basin , we offer a highly innovative, project-centered curriculum that was developed with the financial support of the National Science Foundation. Our classes and field courses emphasize learning through active participation and hands-on experience. The small size of our department fosters a close, personal relationship among students and between students and faculty. Our very active Geology Club organizes regular social activities and local field trips. Students also have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty on research in fields such as geomagnetics, paleoclimatology, and hydrogeology, and paleontology.

LSSU Geology Field Sites, 2011-2013

Our program also engages students in extended field trips in which students actively experience hands-on work with other unique geologic environments in North America. The map below shows the field sites visited by LSSU Geology students over the past three years. Travel to these exciting geological provinces is a part of every student's sophomore and senior year. Students routinely work with the world-class geology of the Black Hills and also visit such places as Death Valley and southern Appalachians.

Why Students Choose LSSU

  • Students gain hands on experience with our unique, field intensive program (~90 days of field work)
  • 62% of graduates attend graduate school directly following graduation with full funding
  • 100% placement rate for graduates entering the workforce

Badger Pass, Montana

Devil's Lake, Baraboo Wisconsin

Spring Mountains, Nevada

Woodall Shoals, South Carolina

Stromatotoporoid Fossil, Lexington Kentucky

Lookout Peak, Oregon

Williams Gold Mine, Hemlo Ontario


Career Options

A degree in the Geology continues to be a good educational investment, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting a median salary for geoscientists of $90,890 per year. Job growth is projected at 16% over the next decade, with an estimated 3 jobs available for every geology graduate.

  • Geologist
  • Environmental Geologist
  • Hydrologist
  • Exploration Geologist
  • Paleontologist
  • Geochemist

Is Geology the Career for you?

  • like the outdoors?
  • like to travel?
  • like to use computers?
  • enjoy meeting interesting people all over the world?
  • want to be involved in resource management and protecting the environment?
  • enjoy applying science and mathematics to understanding earth issues?
  • enjoy reconstructing the earth's history?
  • like the challenge of finding new resources?

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