Redefining the Classroom

Senior Projects

Our Geology program is at the forefront of developing innovative geoscience curriculum and assessment of student learning. We emphasize active hands-on student learning and this includes active involvement in undergraduate research. The opportunities available at LSSU allow undergraduate students to become actively engaged in interdisciplinary research projects that are both cutting-edge and publishable, not very common in undergraduate programs nationally.

Regardless of what career path students choose upon graduation from LSSU, research at the undergraduate level is a valuable experience! Employers value research because it demonstrates the ability of a student to design and complete a project involving analytical and written skills. Graduate schools view undergraduate research experience as a head start on the skills that students will need to complete masters or Ph.D. theses.

American Institute of Professional Geologists Awards:

Best Undergraduate Student PosterBEST Undergraduate Student Poster

Shane Carley
Shane Carley

Project: Locating grave sites using geophysical methods at the Maple Ridge Cemetery, Sault Ste. Marie, MI.

Second Place Undergraduate Student Poster

Kim Churchill
Kim Churchill

Project: Using non-intrusive geophysical techniques to identify potential hazards at the decommissioned Camp Lucas military facility in Sault Ste. Marie, MI.

These awards are not only a recognition of the high quality work that these LSSU geology students have completed but they also are accompanied with monetary awards of $750 and $500 respectively.