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Specialized Program

Do you have a career choice in mind where a regular degree will not give you the background you need?

The individual studies degree may be appropriate if you desire an unusually specialized program. The purpose of the degree is to provide you an opportunity to specialize in two or more academic areas. You will meet with an academic advisor to plan an individualized studies academic program that reflects your professional and personal goals.

Guidelines for an individualized studies degree are:

  • Contact a department chair or regional site director with a preliminary plan for degree development.
  • The department chair or regional site director will identify possible faculty advisor/s or another department chair to counsel you in degree planning.
  • The advisor/s will assist you in the development of the proposal. The proposal must include justification for specialization and a list of courses which meet the individualized studies degree requirement including:
    • a. general education requirements.
    • minimum of 124 credits and a minimum of 32 hours on campus or a minimum of 32 hours of LSSU classes offered at a regional center. Fifty percent of the 300-400 level credits used in the concentration areas must be completed with LSSU classes.
    • 24 credits at 300/400 level in addition to general education requirements and a 2.00 cumulative GPA.
    • BA or BS degree requirement.
  • You need to contact the chairperson of the Individualized Studies Committee to schedule a committee meeting.
  • You will present the degree proposal to the committee for review. It is recommended that your advisor attend this meeting.
  • The committee will approve your original proposal, approve your proposal with recommended changes, or not approve your degree proposal.
  • You and your advisor will submit an approved Degree Audit Sheet to the chairperson to be distributed to the committee.
  • You will process a Curriculum Change Sheet.
  • Any course changes from the approved program must be submitted to the committee for approval.


Average Starting Salary of LSSU Graduates*

  • $35,666

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