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Donald Hastings Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Donald W. Hastings, assistant professor of psychology from 1971-1973. A graduate of Springfield College and Texas Christian University, Professor Hastings was also the vice president of the faculty senate at LSSU at the time of his death. This scholarship, awarded to a junior psychology major for his or her senior year, is recommended by the LSSU psychology faculty.

Selection for this scholarship is through the LSSU Financial Aid Office. Additionally, scholarship sign-up periods are held each year for available scholarships. Students can sign up for open scholarships each October and February at the Financial Aid website.

“The Psychology Department at Lake State became my family over the last few years and I am grateful for the small intimate community. We were able to interact with the whole department making my experience feel important and a priority. You will be accepted with open arms and you will leave feeling like you have a second family.”

--Casey A. Kemple
Psychology Major