LSSU banners

Lake Superior State University Debuts Dozens of New LSSU-Branded Roadside Banners on Campus

LSSU banners


Seventy-two new Lake Superior State University-branded banners adorn telephone poles and lampposts on public streets and campus accessways at LSSU. The strategically arranged banners feature 10 patterns, some varying the given motif via different background colors, for a total of 18 unique designs spread out over the 72 emblems—all of which are Lake State-themed and follow LSSU’s long-standing palette.

Some of these markers herald existing LSSU branding; other Laker displays are being introduced for the first time, including several that commemorate the 75th anniversary of the institution (1946-2021). The banners, which took a handful of days to assemble, both appear on poles that had earlier iterations and hang on posts that previously had none.

“This has been a passion project of mine since I arrived at LSSU a year-and-a-half ago for many reasons,” said Fred Pierce III, dean of admissions and marketing at Lake State. “These roadside banners not only honor and update our brand but also beautify the campus and ornament the city. They make an immediate and indelible positive impact with oomph, finesse, and aesthetics. They unfurl goodwill and pride for the Laker family and the Eastern Upper Peninsula. People will smile and choke up when seeing them. I know I do.”

In the biggest presentation, 15 banners blazon consecutive poles on the public Easterday Avenue, and they’re significantly larger than those that had been there before. By the main entrance to campus, the first set of four double poles includes a special two-design banner with LSSU’s motto: “Enter to Learn” on one side and “Go Forth to Serve” on the other. The Laker mascot, Seamore, cheers on banners. And logos associated with LSSU sports also stand tall.

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From the Arts Center to the Norris Center (including the side of the building), from townhouses to row houses, from streets to walkways, new banners fly. Banners measure 24”x72”, 18”x54”, and 24”x24”, depending on location. LSSU collaborated with Cloverland Electric Cooperative, plus local AT&T, Peninsula Fiber Network, and Charter Communications on relevant poles regarding specifications and instructions of banners, brackets, clearances, sight lines, other safety issues, etc. Sault Ste. Marie, MI-based Vital Signs Michigan supplied the materials.

The old banners had been in place for several years. LSSU will distribute some that are salvageable to campus constituents and community friends as gifts and raffle off others in campus fundraisers.

“This has been a true labor of love for us, one that literally visualizes some of our best attributes,” said LSSU President Dr. Rodney S. Hanley. “The banners reflect part of our mission of enhancing the quality of life of Lakers and neighbors alike. The banners symbolize the importance of engagement, which is a pillar of our strategic plan. And the banners convey the touchstones of tradition and innovation at the heart of LSSU. I can’t think of a better way to begin the fall semester—and to kick off our 75th anniversary celebration—than with these artful indicators.”