New Articulation Agreements between Lake Superior State University (LSSU) and Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) Open Pathways for Engineering Success

Chris Gomez, Automation Engineer at AMT – Transfer from NMC and graduated from LSSU

(Sault Ste. Marie, MI)  — Lake Superior State University’s School of Engineering and Technology proudly announces the establishment of new articulation agreements with Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) in Traverse City, MI. These agreements mark a significant milestone in the collaboration between the two institutions, providing a clear and convenient pathway for students aspiring to pursue engineering careers.
Under the newly finalized agreements, students completing their pre-engineering studies at NMC will have the opportunity to seamlessly transition into LSSU’s Bachelor of Science degree programs in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Robotics Engineering. Most notably, these agreements enable NMC students to complete their bachelor’s degrees at LSSU in either two or two and a half additional years, depending on their chosen field of study.

“We are thrilled to solidify our partnership with Northwestern Michigan College,” said Lake Superior State Interim President, Dr. Lynn Gillette. “These articulation agreements not only streamline the academic journey for aspiring engineers but also underscore our commitment to providing accessible and high-quality engineering education.”

For students like Chris Gomez, a testament to the success of this transfer, the journey from NMC to LSSU has been transformative. Graduating from LSSU in 2021 with dual majors in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Engineering, Gomez has since flourished in his career as an Automation Engineer at Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) in Orion Township, MI. Chris was the 2022 recipient of AMT’s RISE Core Values Award and will also serve as the lead engineer for projects involving Autonomous Mobile Robots.

Reflecting on his educational experience, Gomez expressed gratitude for the supportive environment at both NMC and LSSU. “NMC provided me with a solid foundation and the flexibility to explore my interests in engineering,” Gomez remarked. “Upon transferring to LSSU, I found a vibrant community and specialized programs that perfectly aligned with my career goals.”

Gomez highlighted the invaluable role of both institutions in honing not only his technical skills but also critical soft skills essential for professional success. “The combination of technical expertise and practical experience gained from NMC and LSSU has equipped me to tackle real-world challenges at AMT,” he shared. “I am immensely grateful for the seamless transition facilitated by these articulation agreements.”

“Under the leadership of Dr. Paul Weber, Chair of the School of Engineering and Technology, nearly all faculty in the School of Engineering & Technology at LSSU have been collaborating with counterparts in Michigan community colleges to establish articulation agreements,” said Jim Devaprasad, Professor and Director of Robotics Center at Lake Superior State University.  “In addition to recently signed agreements with NMC and Bay College, relationships have been established with Alpena Community College, North Central Michigan College, and many others.  Similar to Chris Gomez, transfer students have done quite well at LSSU and graduated to outstanding engineering careers.”

With a focus on student success and academic excellence, Lake Superior State University and Northwestern Michigan College continue to pave the way for aspiring engineers, fostering innovation and leadership in the field.

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