Message from President Hanley – Death of George Floyd

Dear Colleagues, Students, and Friends of the University,

The events occurring around the country in response to the death of George Floyd remind us of the national illness of racism in the United States.  Many of our students have expressed their deep concern about what lies ahead and what recent events mean for their future and society in general.  As an institution of higher learning, I feel compelled to express the deepest commitment of Lake Superior State University to the values of diversity, inclusion, and equality.  I fundamentally believe that education remains the key to continually improve the world in which we live, to understand better the challenges we collectively face, and to reach meaningful and lasting solutions to issues that affect us.

For all the division, incivility, and hostility Mr. Floyd’s death has exposed around the nation, Lake Superior State University remains steadfast in its mission to provide a welcoming environment for all.  We cherish the opportunity to educate all of our students as they embark on their journeys to make their mark on the world.  Racism cannot and will not be tolerated at the university.  We must all do our duty to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Curiosity, kindness, and the willingness to embrace plurality and multiculturalism remain pillars of the Lake State experience and no amount of exclusion and divisiveness in society can divert our dedication to this calling.

As we move forward, we as Lakers will continue to honor our tradition of intellectual inquiry and the free exchange of ideas.  For 75 years, Lake Superior State University has served as a sanctuary for analytic rigor and open dialogue.  As such, we will continue to serve as a critical voice to the democratic process, equality for all, and actively reject racism in all its forms.

Thank you.


Rodney S. Hanley, Ph.D.