LSSU students receive diplomas during 2018 commencement at LSSU.

President Mitchell starts new LSSU tradition with a charge to the 2018 LSSU graduates

LSSU students listen to 2018 commencement speakersAfter LSSU undergraduates received their diplomas during Lake Superior State University’s 56th commencement exercise, held May 5 in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., President Peter T. Mitchell concluded the ceremony with two charges to the graduates, a tradition he hopes will continue at Lake State and one that he has continued through 24 years of college presidencies.

His first charge, The Bamboo Principle, was coined by management consultant, Ken Lodi and illustrates the virtues of strength and versatility, made possible by a deeply grounded root system. “The Bamboo Principle is an excellent metaphor for what happens to a Lake State graduate and is a powerful affirmation of an LSSU education,” said Mitchell. “The marvel and majesty of The Bamboo Principle and the marvel and majesty of LSSU is that after four years of developing an incredibly strong root system, both timber bamboo and Lake State graduates are ready to mature with grandeur and greatness, standing tall because they are grounded.”

Mitchell’s second charge to the students was to practice the 3Gs – generosity, gratitude, and grace – throughout their lives, in which he explained, “Generosity means you’re a giver not a taker, that you find fulfillment in helping others. Gratitude means you find pleasure in the little things of life and delight in friendships. Grace means you look for the best in others and strive to bring out the best in yourself.”

You have blessed Lake State with your vitality and your kindness. May Lake State bless you with the foundation of a great life.Peter T. Mitchell, LSSU President