Students at the library work on a project

Communication through the Generations

Comm Students at Bayliss Library working on a project

SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich. – On November 7th, 2019, students from Lake Superior State University’s Interpersonal Communication class gave presentations at Bayliss Public Library regarding how communication and culture have changed over time. Prior to these presentations, the students met with older members of the community to gain an understanding of how their experiences with communication differ from the type of communication we have today.

Ten students and ten community members participated in this project. In a one-on-one interview, the students had an opportunity not only to see how communication has changed but to discover the similarities and differences of their interviewee’s culture versus their own. Deanna Burton, an interviewee, was asked how she felt after seeing the presentation about herself. She said, “It was impressive knowing you [the students] were able to take all the information that you got from everyone [the community members] and condense it down into something understandable and creative.”

This event was coordinated by the students’ professor, Natasha DeActis, and Bayliss Library Manager, Megan Kinney.

“The purpose of this project was to gain perspective into the generational differences in work, family, and media culture. By doing so, the students captured the wisdom of the past and saw the importance of differing ideas, values, and backgrounds,” said DeActis.

“What you’re doing is very important.” John Kehoe, an interviewee, said. He expressed that this was a great idea, and if possible, he’d be willing to help and participate in future projects. To that end, Bayliss Library will be applying for funding to support an Oral History project in our region. We have so many stories to tell, and the library is ideally placed as the catalyst for such a project.

A big thank you to Bayliss Public Library, as well as the students and individuals who participated. Follow @BPL541 on Facebook for future Bayliss Public Library events and programs.