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Lake Superior State University’s Response to COVID-19

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Lake Superior State University’s Response to COVID-19

Lake Superior State University (LSSU) recognizes the unprecedented circumstances high school seniors and their families are currently confronting during the coronavirus pandemic. Secondary schools are closed for the remainder of the year and financial uncertainty abounds. Given this situation LSSU made a number of adjustments to our admission policies and procedures to enable graduating seniors to secure their enrollment for fall semester.

Initially, LSSU combined the enrollment and housing deposits to reduce the financial burden on families. After the governor’s “Stay Home. Stay Safe.” Order, LSSU moved to just waive the enrollment and housing deposits for everyone. Next, students were enabled to provide self-reported high school grade point averages for admission and financial aid consideration. This policy adjustment allows students to be admitted and their financial aid packaging to be complete during the shut-down.

LSSU is dedicated to enabling student access to education and was one of the first schools in Michigan to adopt a test optional admission policy. Given SAT and ACT test administrations are canceled for the foreseeable future, the decision last year to become test optional was fortuitous as it removed another barrier to college access. President Rodney Hanley is committed to the safety and security of our students and wants to ensure their progress toward degrees continues unabated. Subsequently, LSSU also made the decision that all summer 2020 classes are online to enable the students’ unfettered access to summer educational experiences in light of diminishing opportunities and in the event the governor’s “Stay Home. Stay Safe.” Order is extended again.

Lake Superior State is continuing to carefully monitor the environmental situation and is dedicated to taking all of the necessary steps to ensure a safe and successful transition to fall semester. Dean of Admissions & Marketing, Fred Pierce III indicated “The current situation has resulted in families having questions that are not normally part of the college search process and subsequently we launched a “Tell Us” section of our website. This mechanism allows us to glean family perspectives which we are using to inform our planning for orientation and the fall. We are all in this together.”

Lake Superior State University is one of Michigan’s most affordable public universities with One-Rate at Lake State tuition for all. Surrounded by three Great Lakes, LSSU is an unsurpassed location for research, focusing on real-world experiences. Well known for programs such as fisheries and wildlife management, engineering, nursing, criminal justice, and fire science; Lake State is also leading the way with innovative new programs, including cannabis chemistry and cannabis business and robotics engineering.

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