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Pre-Pharmacy (Transfer Program)


Most pharmacy schools require students to take two years of pre-pharmacy preparation prior to being admitted to their four-year professional program. Admission into the professional pharmacy programs is very competitive and is based, to a large extent, on grades in specific required courses. Many pharmacy colleges also require applicants to take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (P.C.A.T.). This exam is generally taken mid-way through your second pre-pharmacy year.

Pre-pharmacy requirements vary greatly between different colleges that offer professional programs in pharmacy. In general, most require a pre-pharmacy program that emphasizes math and science as well as strong communication skills. Recently, a majority of the nation’s schools began to move toward awarding the doctor of pharmacy (Pharm.D.) as the only professional degree in pharmacy. Because many pharmacy curricula are currently being modified, pre-pharmacy requirements are also subject to change.

The modifications in professional pharmacy curricula, combined with the variability in pre-pharmacy requirements, make it imperative for a pre-pharmacy student to determine the requirements for admission at the schools he or she desires to attend. A pre-pharmacy curriculum at Lake Superior State University can then be designed to help you obtain your goals. It is your responsibility to contact the directors of admissions at the pharmacy schools to which you are planning to apply so you can remain informed of their most recent requirements for admission.




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"I'll be begining medical school at Wayne State University begining the fall of 2009 while participating in the U.S Air Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program. Upon reciept of my MD, I intend to enter into a residency in family medicine and afterwards practice as a family physician in the U.S Air Force." [ more ]

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