Information Technology Department

The Information Technology (IT) department at Lake Superior State University is located on the first floor of the Administration building in the center of campus.  Here at IT we have a student-run Help Desk guided by top tier industry professionals striving to provide technical excellence and experience to tackle the challenges that university students and employees face on the day-to-day basis.

No matter what device you may be toting around, here in IT we offer all of our software troubleshooting and repair services for free to current LSSU students. This includes all Android, Apple, Google,  and Windows devices. In-addition to our technical troubleshooting services we are also able to assist in a the uses of a variety of software used by our students.

Internet Accessibility

On campus we have free open WiFi in all buildings as-well-as wired internet access in all dorm rooms for student use.

Campus Computers

On campus there are a multitude of computers available to the entire student body that have printing functionality. This allows new Lakers to start school without having to worry about purchasing a new computer and accompanying software licenses to complete their school work.

Suggested Technologies

While there are computers on campus for students to use, some prefer to bring their own technology. Here at IT we make it a point to be trained in all modern computing technology so we can service any issue our students may run into.  Specific computer recommendations for students will vary depending on technical level of the student’s degree of choice. If you have any questions in regards to which computer to bring to school please feel free to contact us to help you figure it out!

IT Services

In-addition to our free software troubleshooting and repair, we offer the following services:

  • Audio / video recording for on-campus events.
  • Training for faculty / staff  / students for technology used on campus.
  • Equipment rentals for on-campus events.