Guide to ALEKS PPL for Dual Enrolled, Concurrent Enrolled, & Early College Students

Dual Enrolled, Concurrent Enrolled and Early College Students Fall 2024 and Spring 2025

Course Code: MG63N-FFK9R

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ALEKS PPL is a math placement testing program that combines testing with individualized learning modules to help students improve their math skills and overall math course placement.

The information below is for students participating in the Dual/Concurrent Enrollment or Early College programs. If you are a Current Student or Incoming Freshmen/Transfer Student, please follow the appropriate link below.

LSSU Math Course Placement Chart

LSSU Math Course Required ALEKS Score
MATH 088 – Beginning Algebra 0-29
MATH 102 – Intermediate Algebra,

MATH 110 – Explorations in Mathematics,

MATH 207 – Prin of Statistical Methods

MATH 103 – Number Sys/Prob Solv Elem Teach,

MATH 104 – Geometry/Measurement Elem Teach,

MATH 111 – College Algebra

MATH 131 – College Trigonometry 46-75
MATH 112 – Calculus Business/Life Science 61-75
MATH 151 – Calculus I
76-100 OR 61-75 & MATH 131

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